1. Proud to be Dispensing

    mivision | 30 November 2014

    Australia’s optical dispensing profession has much to be proud about... and with firm plans in place for 2015, it’s only going  to get better. ADOA Vic Murray O’Brien I recently attended the Tokyo Optical Fair (IOFT). The first one I... Read More

  2. The Magic of Dispensing

    mivision | 28 October 2014

    Across all industries, we increasingly rely on technology and overseas supply chains… so how do we protect and develop the magic of local optical dispensing? ADOA Vic Murray O’Brien I remember a time when the majority of frames on the shelf in... Read More

  3. Opportunities Through Continuous Learning

    mivision | 26 September 2014

    Training isn’t limited to conferences and the classroom – the workplace is an important training ground for optical dispensers. ADOA NSW Martin Kocbek When you say “training”, people think of a session in a room with an instructor or... Read More

  4. Investing in Optimal Dispensing

    mivision | 23 August 2014

    It pays to invest in knowledge and building strong supplier relationships. For a while now I’ve noticed, both on our Facebook page and on my visits to practices, a growing uncertainty about the need to establish positive, strong relationships with... Read More

  5. Upholding Dispensing Standards

    mivision | 29 July 2014

      ADOA NSW Martin Kocbek ADOA has again been meeting with the Skills Council to review the current optical dispensing course and we are happy with the outcomes so far. Despite initial concerns that the review might ‘dumb down’ the course, if... Read More

  6. Optical Dispensers Celebrating Success

    mivision | 23 June 2014

    In Australia’s deregulated world of optical dispensing, there’s nothing stopping a new generation of dispensers from achieving the very best qualifications to take them forward. ADOA Vic Murray O’Brien Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology ... Read More

  7. Rising Stars of Optical Dispensing

    Melanie Kell | 19 June 2014

    As fireworks lit the skies of Sydney to celebrate the opening of the annual Vivid festival, graduating students from the 2013 TAFE NSW course in optical dispensing celebrated their personal achievements at Dockside, Darling Harbour. Welcoming students and... Read More

  8. Gaining Trust, Winning Patients

    mivision | 29 May 2014

    Knowledge, humility, honesty and the ability to listen are the essential skills that will gain your patients’ trust. ADOA Vic Murray O’Brien Last month I briefly talked about the process of choosing the right frame for your clients and we found... Read More

  9. ADOA Report December 2013

    mivision | 29 April 2014

    ADOA reports on steps gained with the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council in relation to a review of the Certificate IV course in Optical Dispensing. ADOA Vic Murray O’Brien Certificate IV Update As mentioned in the October edition of... Read More

  10. New Approaches to Wet and Dry AMD

    mivision | 29 April 2014

    A professional approach to the complex task of optical dispensing will optimise patient outcomes. ADOA Vic Murray O’Brien A quick guide to facial fittingHelping a client choose a spectacle frame sounds like a simple job at first but the complexity of... Read More

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