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  1. Dr. Ian Pearson

    mivision | 31 August 2010

    Dr. Ian Pearson is a futurologist with a proven track record of 85 per cent accuracy. His conceived text messaging for landlines years before the first mobile text message was sent. Dr. Pearson writes in our business section on the impact augmented reality... Read More

  2. Neil B. Gailmard

    mivision | 01 July 2009

    Neil B. Gailmard, OD, MBA, FAAO is President of Gailmard Consulting, a management firm that specialises in helping optometrists increase productivity and profitability. He is in private practice and has published hundreds of articles in professional journals. Read More

  3. Geoff Lawson

    mivision | 01 December 2009

    Geoff Lawson, OAM, is a qualified optometrist who graduated with a Bachelor of Optometry from the University of New South Wales and an ambassador for Optometry Giving Sight. He is a former Australian Cricketer and the former coach of the Pakistan cricket... Read More

  4. Professor Jonathan Crowston

    mivision | 29 September 2010

    Professor Jonathan Crowston, a clinician-scientist who specialises in glaucoma, is the Managing Director of the Centre for Eye Research Australia. His research roundup will become a regular series for mivision and this first article tackles one of the major... Read More

  5. Dr. Percy Lazon de la Jara

    mivision | 29 September 2010

    Dr. Percy Lazon de la Jara is the Head of Clinical Research at the Clinical Research and Trials Centre, Brien Holden Vision Institute. Read More

  6. Assoc. Professor Mark Daniell

    mivision | 01 November 2009

    Assoc. Professor Mark Daniell is based at the Centre for Eye Research Australia, Royal Melbourne Hospital. He writes on new treatments for Age Related Macular Degeneration in this issue. Read More

  7. Dr. Victoria Evans

    mivision | 29 September 2010

    Dr. Victoria Evans is a freelance writer and ophthalmic consultant who was previously the Head of Clinical Research for the Institute for Eye Research (now the Brien Holden Vision Institute). She has worked in clinical practice in Sydney, and in research at... Read More

  8. Dr Ridia Lim

    mivision | 01 November 2009

    Dr. Ridia Lim is a cataract and glaucoma specialist in private practice at Hunter Street Eye Specialists, Parramatta, Sydney and a consultant glaucoma surgeon at Sydney Eye Hospital. Read More

  9. Dr Jo Barr

    mivision | 01 December 2009

    OD, MS, FAAO is Vice President Global Clinical & Medical Affairs and Professional Services Vision Care Bausch & Lomb. Dr. Barr joined Bausch & Lomb in July 2007. Prior to this he was editor of Contact Lens Spectrum from 1987 to 2007, holding one... Read More

  10. Mark Willcox

    mivision | 01 November 2009

    Prof. Mark Willcox is Executive Director of the Optometric Clinic and CSO of the Institute for Eye Research. He is also Prof. of the School of Optometry and Vision Science at UNSW, and an Executive Director of the Vision Cooperative Research Centre. He and... Read More

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