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Friday / November 22.
HomemieducationSurgical Retina – Evolution, Trends and Innovations

Surgical Retina – Evolution, Trends and Innovations

2 CPD points in Australia | 0.5CD + 0.5G points in New Zealand

Advances in technology have improved the safety, efficiency and outcomes of retinal surgery. Vitrectomy machines and cutters allow more efficient and safe removal of vitreous and membranes, with ultra-high cutting rates and improved flow. A wide suite of ergonomic disposable microsurgical instruments and lasers is now available for surgeons to perform delicate surgical manoeuvres. Dyes identify tissue for accurate removal. Improved visualisation during surgery, with digital 3D technology and data connectivity, is leading to better surgical control. Intraoperative optical coherence tomography (OCT) can permit high resolution cross-sectional imaging of delicate membranes and structures during surgery. Newer vitreous substitutes are used in the repair of conditions such as retinal detachment, trauma and bleeding. Advances in the surgical setting, anaesthesia and postoperative care of patients have resulted in more rapid healing and visual rehabilitation.

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