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Tuesday / October 22.
HomemieducationMIGS: What’s Happening Now and On the Horizon

MIGS: What’s Happening Now and On the Horizon

2T CPD points in Australia | TBC points in New Zealand

As a glaucoma and cataract surgeon, I have greatly enjoyed the significant advances in technology and new surgical techniques with the introduction of minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS). These procedures promise better patient outcomes and an enhanced safety profile, allowing for intervention earlier in the disease process. The field is no longer in its infancy, with a strong and evergrowing evidence base supporting the use of these devices. In 2019, we have seen the publication of several landmark studies demonstrating unequivocal superiority of canal-based procedures over cataract surgery alone, as well as safety and efficacy data for subconjunctival procedures.

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