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Friday / October 18.
HomemiproductsShamir Autograph Intelligence Progressives

Shamir Autograph Intelligence Progressives

According to Shamir, its new Autograph Intelligence technology is a breakthrough in progressive lens design that adapts to the diverse needs of today’s presbyope unlike any progressive currently available. This lens can mimic human behaviour, resulting in an optimal user experience for presbyopes involved in a range of activities.

By harnessing cutting-edge technologies, big data, and artificial intelligence, Shamir Autograph Intelligence delivers a continuous lens design that matches the wearer’s visual needs and their visual age (the physiological age of the eye, ie. required addition). There is no need to pick from four or five progressive design options to personalise lifestyles.

The three new revolutionary technologies incorporated into this lens are, New Eye Point Technology AI, Continuous Design Technology, and Visual AI Engine.

Reinforced with 12 different available additions, each with over 36,000 different inbuilt design options. Available with variable and fixed designs, including 13mm, 15mm, and 18mm fitting heights, in the full range of materials offered by Shamir.

Contact: www.shamirlens.com.au