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Next Generation Glaucoma Diagnostics

28 February 2017
The Glaucoma Module Premium Edition provides a comprehensive analysis of the optic nerve head, retinal nerve fibre layer and ganglion cell layer, by precisely matching unique scan patterns to the fine anatomic structures relevant in glaucoma diagnostics. 

The Anatomic Positioning System (APS) creates an anatomic map of each patient’s eye using two fixed, structural landmarks; the centre of the fovea and the centre of Bruch’s membrane opening. With APS, all scan protocols are automatically oriented according to the patient’s anatomic map.

The glaucoma module compares patients’ eyes to a reference database of normal eyes, noting even very small deviations. The precision of the Spectralis AutoRescan function allows confident identification and monitoring of structural changes from visit to visit.

Contact: Heidelberg Engineering (AUS) 03 9639 2125