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  1. July 2013 News (Issue 81) mivision

    mivision | 23 June 2013

    All the latest news from mivision July 2013: Safilo Signs with Essilor Study Finds Danger in Just One Cigarette CooperVision Expands Parameters Bausch+Lomb Aquired by Valeant Pharmaceuticals Hoya Recruits eyeclarity Awarded Again and Again Synthetic Eyelash... Read More

  2. June 2013 News (Issue 80) mivision

    mivision | 27 May 2013

    All the latest news from June 2013: Eyeplus Changes Name Eyes for Africa Eyeball AREDS2 Does Not Recommend Fish Oil WCO Awards Prof. Holden Over 65s with Low Vision to Miss Out on NDIS Prof. Evans to Tour A Bundle of Attractions at ODMA 2013 The Winner is:... Read More

  3. May 2013 News (Issue 79) mivision

    mivision | 26 April 2013

    All the latest news from May 2013: ACBO Education Online Focus Must Shift to MD Carers and Family Cornea Transplants Now Faster in NSW Jetrea: New Medication May Halt MD OptiStrips-FL Sterile Fluorescein Strips Sony Smart Glass Essilor Reduces Swim Effect... Read More

  4. April 2013 News (Issue 78) mivision

    mivision | 25 March 2013

    All the latest news from mivision issue 78 April Zeiss/Rodenstock Cross Licence Low Vision Conference Kids Get Better Start Internationally Recognised Australian Researchers OPSM Launch the Accufit Dispensing Kit Specsavers Clinical Conference 2013 FDA... Read More

  5. March 2013 News (Issue 77) mivision

    mivision | 25 February 2013

    All the latest news from issue 77,  March 2013: Blind Traveller Sues Railcorp NSW RANZCO Says “No” to Optoms Treating Glaucoma Luxottica US Expands Franchises Professor Mo Jalie to Present at AVC IOT Signs With Zeiss Transitions Appointments... Read More

  6. February 2013 News (Issue 76) mivision

    mivision | 29 January 2013

    All the latest news from February 2013 issue 76: SMS to Your CLs Questions over VSP’s Medibank Deal Aussies ID Early Glaucoma Predictor New Treatments for RP Closer Demand for Coloured Contact Lenses Soar BCLA 2013 Looks to Future ODMA Hopes for Fresh... Read More

  7. December 2012 News (Issue 75) mivision

    mivision | 30 November 2012

    All the latest news from December 2012: Eyes Provide Window to Brain Under VSP will you feel better now? opti Munich 2013 Eyelid Sensitivity to Measure Dry Eye Smoking Linked to Cataracts SynergEyes Distribution Fishy Research for Improved CL Comfort Coffee... Read More

  8. November 2012 News (Issue 74) mivision

    mivision | 31 October 2012

    All the latest news from mivision November 2012 issue 74: ProVision Optom Wins Design Award CLs Protect Macular Against UV Optometrists Urged to Renew Registration Seeing is Believing 2013 Brushing Up on Business Skills U are VulnerableCampaign Blackmores Eco ... Read More

  9. October 2012 News (Issue 73) mivision

    mivision | 28 September 2012

    All the latest news from October 2012: Optical Retailers Survive on $10k p.a. Carl Zeiss Wins Patent Case Against Essilor Rapid Ophthal Growth ACT New Prescribing Rights Facebook Posts Brands Responsible Jury Still Out On Trachoma Control CERA Welcomes Assoc. ... Read More

  10. September 2012 News (Issue 72) mivision

    mivision | 30 August 2012

    All the latest news from September 2012: Practical Skills Latest Knowledge: IAPB 9th General Assembly Retina Damage New Preventative Therapeutics: Almost 40% of Optoms ask Why AMO OVD Gel TGA Approved Vision Impaired Innovative Exhibition Blind Gene Isolated... Read More

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