1. It’s All Greek to Me

    Geoff Lawson | 26 November 2013

    Pondering the lofty ideals of freedom and democracy, mivision’s resident philosopher, Geoff Lawson wonders if it’s a case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’ for the self-proclaimed ‘greatest democracy on earth’. The Greeks may... Read More

  2. Weather… or Not it’s Important

    Geoff Lawson | 28 October 2013

    It took a million dollar survey to confirm what we all know – the weather is an all-consuming topic of conversation, no matter where we are in the world. And Australia wins, hands down. A recent survey by a leading commercial search engine came up with... Read More

  3. Living with Anxiety: It’s a Relative Thing

    Geoff Lawson | 29 September 2013

    When you think about it, in Australia, our ‘daily grind’ is really only the ‘daily fine-grade sandpapering’. Australians enjoy a peaceful, and for the most part, ordinary existence. We go about our daily life with few obvious dangers.... Read More

  4. Springing into Combat

    Geoff Lawson | 23 August 2013

    In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love. For Geoff Lawson, however, it is the time to consider taming the backyard. September is the month when those of us Down Under start thinking about breaking out the warm weather clobber... Read More

  5. When Practice Makes Perfect

    Geoff Lawson | 29 July 2013

    Continued professional development is great, and it can even be a whole lot of fun, until you’re spending so much time undertaking it that you can’t afford the time to practise The electronic / digital age we are now so thoroughly soaking in has... Read More

  6. Living the Dream

    Geoff Lawson | 23 June 2013

    Even when you’re \living the dream, sometimes things can go horribly wrong Sadly, I haven’t been out of the country in the past few months but with Australia playing England in the 130-year old cricket rivalry we refer to as The Ashes starting... Read More

  7. Sport and Study in Sri Lanka

    Geoff Lawson | 27 May 2013

    Welcome to Sri Lanka, a land of contrasts. Where ‘Ray Bans’ can be picked up for AUD$2.50, travelling student cricketers are treated to lavish five-star hospitality, and inland, the locals rely on international aid for vision care and eyewear. My... Read More

  8. Why We Do the Things We Do

    Geoff Lawson | 26 April 2013

    Motivation… is why we get up and go to work… then get back up the next day… and the next… and do it all again. Amid all the speculation, disruption and confusion that surrounded the ‘Homework Affair” presented by the... Read More

  9. Performance Enhancing Drugs

    Geoff Lawson | 25 March 2013

    As the PM announced the election, Australian sports codes were tainted by allegations of drug taking and criminal connections. Was it all just a ploy to win votes? One of the most important elements in the evolution of optometrist services to the wider public ... Read More

  10. Detecting Glaucoma: It’s Over to You

    Geoff Lawson | 25 February 2013

    Over the ages scientists have discovered cures for many life-changing diseases. Yet still, a cure for glaucoma continues to elude us all. So it’s over to you to make an early diagnosis. Populations residing in developed nations – like ours – ... Read More

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