1. Lost in the System: Eye Care to the Elderly

    Melanie Kell | 28 April 2017

    Almost 200,000 Australians live in residential aged care facilities.1 Having contributed to the country’s economy and led active, social lives, many find their world shrinking around them as they grapple with poor vision, debilitating eye disease and... Read More

  2. Taking Time Out – What's to Lose

    Melanie Kell | 26 March 2017

    Taking a few years out from the practice to raise a young family, study, travel the world or dip your toes into a different career opportunity may seem to be a rite of passage once you’ve studied for years and gained on the ground clinical experience.... Read More

  3. Glaucoma Management – Overcoming the Challenges

    Melanie Kell | 28 February 2017

    Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide with one in eight Australians over 80 developing the disease. Although it may not be possible to prevent this ‘sneak thief of sight’, it is possible to avoid significant visual... Read More

  4. Diamonds are Forever: The Evolution of the Bionic ...

    Melanie Kell | 29 January 2017

    A research project underway in Melbourne could see diamonds – the hardest and most chemically inert material in nature – restore vision to people made blind due to age-related macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa. One day, in the not so... Read More

  5. The Year that Was and the Year that Will Be...

    Melanie Kell | 25 November 2016

    It’s been a massive year for eye health with new technologies taking vision care to greater heights, changes in optometry practice ownership, shifts in scope of practice and new optical shows. Here’s what some of the profession’s key... Read More

  6. Were the Impressionists Myopic?

    Dr. Joseph Reich | 28 October 2016

    Impressionist painters were often accused of being myopic – perhaps a simplistic explanation for their loose painterly style. However, over the years and with forensic examination, we now know there was less uncorrected myopia than suggested, that other ... Read More

  7. Collaborative Eye Care: Unpacking the RANZCO and...

    Melanie Kell | 28 September 2016

    When RANZCO and Specsavers announced a collaborative approach to producing guidelines for eye health in August, tongues began to wag. Questions were asked, among them, is there integrity in this resolve to establish new guidelines for eye care, will this pave ... Read More

  8. Stop the Itch: Managing Allergy and Dry Eye

    Melanie Kell | 26 August 2016

    Now that we’ve headed into spring, chances are that if you haven’t already, you’ll soon notice a steady stream of patients presenting at your practice with itchy eyes.Allergy season is the time to get out your full armoury of treatments to... Read More

  9. Making Magic: The Smart Contact Lens

    Melanie Kell | 27 July 2016

    Sometimes in a research lab, magic happens. And so it was when Associate Professor Drew Evans, from the University South Australia’s Future Industries Institute (UniSA FII), was exploring potential coatings for a contact lens… he discovered how... Read More

  10. Mental Health: Confronting the Issues

    Melanie Kell | 28 June 2016

    The incidence of depression in the broad community continues to rise. In your practice there could be a colleague battling with a mental health issue and every week one or more of the patients who walks through your door is suffering from a mental health... Read More

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