1. Macutec Once Daily

    mivision | 28 September 2015

    Macutec Once Daily has been launched to ensure that all Macutec patients receive a clinically proven dose of the important ingredients to maintain macular health. According to Stiletc, Macutec Once Daily complies with the AREDS2 findings (which also tested a... Read More

  2. Optrex ActiMist

    mivision | 28 September 2015

    Approximately 80 per cent of dry eyes are due to damage to the lipid layer of the eyes’ tear film,1 often caused by environmental factors such as weather, computer use, allergies and air conditioning. Optrex ActiMist is a liposomal spray that is... Read More

  3. Murine Eye Mist

    mivision | 27 September 2015

    Murine Eye Mist is formulated to gently moisturise and refresh dry and tired eyes. The liposomes in Murine Eye Mist restore and stabilise the natural tear film to reduce moisture loss. It is preservative free and can be used as often as needed to refresh dry... Read More

  4. Satisloh Micro-lab

    mivision | 26 August 2015

    To ensure fast delivery of lenses – ideally within less than 24 hours – labs need to be closer to their customers. On-site express labs with small space requirements and easy-to-operate machines offer the solution. An opportunity exists for local... Read More

  5. Menicon Miru One Month and MeniCare Soft

    mivision | 26 August 2015

    Menicon has launched Miru One Month disposable silicone hydrogel lenses and MeniCare Soft, a multi-purpose solution for soft lenses. According to Menicon, Miru One Month disposable silicone hydrogel lenses are comfortable to wear and safe. When compared with... Read More

  6. MDeyes Once Daily AREDS 2

    mivision | 26 August 2015

    MDeyes Once Daily delivers a complete and affordable AREDS 2 low zinc formula in a convenient soft gel capsule. The Once Daily formula simplifies AREDS 2 supplementation, and the compliance prompting packaging, with calendar labelling on the foil, helps... Read More

  7. Sterilid Lid Hygiene Cleanser

    mivision | 26 August 2015

    Sterilid is a science-based lid hygiene cleanser that is gentle on the eye but tough on bugs. According to Thera Tears, this is the first eyelid cleanser shown to kill both gram positive and gram negative bacteria. Additionally, the company says, it is... Read More

  8. Precision Technology: Zeiss Progressive Lenses

    mivision | 26 August 2015

    Not all progressive lenses are the same. Progressive lenses should match your patient’s unique visual requirements and lifestyle, providing natural, comfortable vision in all situations.  Zeiss has created four different types of progressive... Read More

  9. Optos

    mivision | 28 July 2015

    The Optos California device can help general ophthalmologists and vitreoretinal specialists discover more evidence of disease and guide their treatment decisions even more effectively. According to Optos it is the first retinal imaging device to offer... Read More

  10. Oculocin Propo for Conjunctivitis & Dry Eye

    mivision | 28 July 2015

    Oculocin Propo is a natural based product used to relieve symptoms of dry eye and as a light antibacterial treatment in stage one irritations such as conjunctivitis. It contains no antibiotics, no preservatives and no known side effects. According to Contact... Read More

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