1. Australian Optometry: Stronger Together

    Genevieve Quilty | 25 November 2016

    In changing times it is more important than ever before to work together for successful patient outcomes. O A This year’s World Sight Day call to action through the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness was the tagline, ‘stronger... Read More

  2. Defend the Position?

    mivision | 28 October 2016

    When the old approach doesn’t achieve the best outcomes, it’s time to change course. O NSW/ACT Andrew McKinnon Whenever there is a downturn in the economy, complaints of all forms go up. We certainly see this in optometry, where at present... Read More

  3. Ortho-K: A Sound Business Investment

    mivision | 28 October 2016

    The rising prevalence of myopia and high myopia makes an investment in the practice of orthokeratology a sound business strategy for optometrists. Antares Topographer Antares is an all-in-one device manufactured by CSO in Italy that performs corneal... Read More

  4. Helping Others, Helping Ourselves

    mivision | 28 September 2016

    Education, overseas trips and volunteering time to support those in need… there’s plenty going on in the world of optometry O WA Tony Martella We’re racing towards the end of the year but don’t think that means we’re slowing... Read More

  5. Increasing Optometry Awareness

    mivision | 26 August 2016

    Outcomes from reviews of the MBS and Private Health Insurance will set the direction for conversations to come. OA Genevieve Quilty We are now almost three months on from the federal election. The election outcome was closer than expected with a major focus... Read More

  6. Optometry Celebrated in History

    mivision | 27 July 2016

    Tasmania and South Australia pack a punch when it comes to driving the direction of the nation’s optometric profession. OA TasGeoff SquibbThe 12th annual Tasmanian Lifestyle Congress (TLC) will be held from 2–4 September, and has moved from the... Read More

  7. Leverage – You Can’t Beat It

    mivision | 28 June 2016

    Good eye care is the basis of a strong optometric business. The trick is to constantly build on your skills and your brand awareness. OA NSW Andrew McKinnon Optometrists practising in Sydney and its surrounds sit in the most intensely competitive environment... Read More

  8. Promoting the Profession

    mivision | 24 May 2016

    Promoting the profession is a core responsibility for Optometry Australia. OA Genevieve Quilty In the second half of 2016 Optometry Australia will run a national awareness campaign called Good Vision for Life. The campaign will use diverse channels of... Read More

  9. Pursuing Educational Opportunities

    mivision | 29 April 2016

    Optometry conference season continues in North Queensland and Tasmania. Qld/NT Cathryn Baker Escape the cold this July and enjoy the tropical conference of the year, North Queensland Vision. The 2–3 July conference will see optometrists from across... Read More

  10. 2016: An Opportunity to Promote Optometry

    Genevieve Quilty and Andrew McKinnon | 28 March 2016

    The year ahead is important for optometry and community eye health. OA Genevieve Quilty 2016 is an important year for optometry and public policy settings with a federal election taking place and significant reviews underway in the Medicare Benefits Schedule, ... Read More

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