1. Facing Challenges in Optometry

    mivision | 26 February 2015

    In an era of change, the opportunities for success are many. NSW Andrew McKinnon A gentleman by the name of Bill Austin is quoted as once saying “there are no problems, only opportunities”. This is a wonderful slant to put on the changes which are ... Read More

  2. Optometrists Expand Reach at SA Blue Sky

    Melanie Kiell | 30 January 2015

    Optometry South Australia’s annual Blue Sky Congress has developed something of a reputation for innovation over the years. There are those fun themes – this year, it was Lucy in the (Blue) Sky with Diamonds, complete with Optometry SA CEO Libby... Read More

  3. Setting Goals and Making Plans

    mivision | 26 January 2015

    Commitment to a strategic plan is imperative to success. My daughter Sarah, who used to work at the Association, left us about a year ago to begin her career as a personal trainer. Four months ago she discovered the joys of powerlifting and at the World... Read More

  4. Planning for Optometry’s Future

    mivision | 26 November 2014

    Following a year of transition, Optometry Australia is ready to launch its new Strategic Plan 2015–2018 in the New Year. NSW Andrew McKinnon Our daughter moved to New York about a year ago and so we recently went over to see her. She has been working... Read More

  5. Eyecare Plus National Conference

    Todd Tai | 26 November 2014

    A changing of the guard, a call for Eyecare Plus to maintain its collegiate focus and a line-up of high-quality, practical presentations on ‘The Future of Independent Optometry’ marked this year’s Eyecare Plus National Conference in Sydney... Read More

  6. ACO Conference Public Health Medicine

    mivision | 26 November 2014

    The Australian College of Optometry (ACO) has successfully concluded its fifth annual conference, this time at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. With an iconic venue, excellent food, beautiful Melbourne spring weather and an impressive line up of speakers,... Read More

  7. Dare to be Different

    mivision | 28 October 2014

      NSW Andrew McKinnon As you read this I will have just returned from a holiday in New York and Mexico – NYC to visit our daughter and Mexico because it looks really interesting. If I’m not back I hope that you will contribute to the ransom... Read More

  8. 2014 Provision Conference: Innovate

    Todd Tai | 28 October 2014

    Provision continues to grow from strength to strength with the independent optometry group on track to achieve a membership of around 420 practices by the end of this year. At the annual Provision conference, held in Grand Chancellor Hotel, Dockside in... Read More

  9. Specsavers Clinical Conference

    Helen Brown | 28 October 2014

    The third Specsavers clinical conference was held in the Hilton Sydney. Specsavers optometrist Helen Brown provides her report on many of the sessions for mivision. Specsavers Director of Professional Services Peter Larsen kicked off proceedings by welcoming... Read More

  10. WAVE 2014 A Great Conference Program

    Melanie Kell | 26 September 2014

    Perth’s a long way to go for a conference if you’re not living in Western Australia, but that didn’t stop optometrists from other states of Australia and overseas from making the journey to the Pan Pacific Hotel for WAVE 2014. Specsavers... Read More

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