1. Cataract Surgery: Optimising Patient Outcomes

    Dr. Tim Roberts and Dr. Joe Reich | 26 March 2014

    This month we review new models to measure patient outcomes, the value of surgical experience and new technologies that will to enhance the process of cataract surgery. Over three years, data on outcomes from cataract and refractive surgery from around the... Read More

  2. Future Strategies for Glaucoma Management

    mivision | 24 February 2014

    While control of intraocular pressure is still the only proven strategy for slowing glaucoma progression, researchers are exploring several avenues – including neuroprotection – that may, in time, add to the available treatment options Dr. Andrew... Read More

  3. Exciting Advances In Surgical Retina

    Dr. Simon Chen | 27 January 2014

    The report on new developments in surgical retina in this month’s issue of mivision covers three exciting advances, which will be hitting Australian shores in the near future. iOCT Presents Significant Benefits in Surgery Intraoperative optical... Read More

  4. The Art and Science of Ophthalmology RANZCO 2013

    Melanie Kell Photos by Todd Tai | 29 November 2013

    The seaside city of Hobart, Tasmania was home to researchers, ophthalmologists, ophthalmic nurses, orthoptists and practice managers from Australia and the world last month, as they met for the 45th Annual Scientific Congress of the Royal Australian and New... Read More

  5. Glaucoma Treatment Goes Preservative Free

    Michelle Hauschild | 25 November 2013

    Over the past 10 years, the group of medications known as prostaglandin analogues has become the front-line treatment for glaucoma.But now a Canadian researcher – on a sponsored speaking tour of Australia – has queried whether the preservatives... Read More

  6. Ophthalmologists and Optometrists Working...

    Dr. David Andrews | 29 September 2013

    This issue RANZCO discusses why there are less ophthalmologists working outside the city and the importance of specialist ophthalmologists working closely with the local optometrists. Over the last six months I have travelled to all RANZCO branches in... Read More

  7. New Data from US AMD Clinical Use

    Dr. Simon Chen | 05 September 2013

    Australian retinal specialist Dr. Simon Chen says new US studies have revealed “exciting new data” on the performance in everyday clinical practice of the newest anti-VEGF drug, Eylea – particularly in patients who have responded poorly to... Read More

  8. Patient Wellbeing and Collaboration our Priority

    Dr. David Andrews | 23 August 2013

    RANZCO is committed to working with NGOs, government agencies and optometrists to provide the very best care possible for the patient. I am pleased that RANZCO is making a return to a regular column in mivision. As the peak body representing ophthalmologists... Read More

  9. Eylea and Wet AMD Implications for Clinical...

    Dr. Simon Chen | 25 February 2013

    Eylea – the first major treatment for wet age-related macular degeneration to be introduced in Australia in the past five years – has the potential to change the game for Australian ophthalmologists. Intravitreal anti-vascular endothelial growth... Read More

  10. The 44th Annual Scientific RANZCO Congress

    Dr. Laura Downie | 29 January 2013

    With its comprehensive program of symposia, workshops, case presentations and keynote addresses, the annual Scientific Congress of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO) is regarded as the major educational event on the... Read More

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