1. Diabetic Retinopathy and its Complications

    Dr. Smita Agarwal | 26 June 2017

    Patients with uncontrolled diabetes are at high risk of developing a wide range of ocular complications that can affect almost all structures of the eye. Diabetes is a major medical problem that is increasing in prevalence throughout the world.1 Diabetic... Read More

  2. 3D OCT Angiography, AngioVue and AngioAnalytics

    mivision | 26 June 2017

    Optovue, a leading manufacturer of optical coherence tomography (OCT), was the first to release 3D OCT Angiography, AngioVue and AngioAnalytics. This optional upgrade for its Avanti OCT delivers high definition imaging of retinal and choroidal micro... Read More

  3. Digital Retinography System

    mivision | 26 June 2017

    The Digital Retinography System (DRS) is the easiest non-mydriatic, digital retinal imager on the market. Thanks to its fully automated operation, the DRS requires minimal operator training. Its compact, ergonomic design and low power flash help ensure... Read More

  4. Eidon AF

    mivision | 26 June 2017

    The Eidon AF offers wide field retinal imaging with the choice of fundus autofluorescence. Stunning true colour images are displayed with the capacity to view up to 150 degrees of retina. Being confocal, cataracts and other pathologies can be overcome,... Read More

  5. Corneal Inlays to Correct Presbyopia

    Dr. Ravi Singh | 29 May 2017

    Presbyopia affects all individuals at some point in their lifetime and traditionally, spectacles have been used to manage the condition. Corneal inlays are novel devices implanted within the corneal stroma to surgically correct presbyopic symptoms. Monovision ... Read More

  6. FBR Solutions

    mivision | 29 May 2017

    Convenience, safety and sterility are key elements for the effective removal of corneal and conjunctival foreign bodies. Yet cleaning and sterilising reusable instruments is time consuming and uneconomical in most practices. Single-use instruments solve these ... Read More

  7. Zeiss Visuref 100

    mivision | 29 May 2017

    Zeiss Visuref 100 is a two-in-one diagnostic instrument, including auto-refractometer and keratometer. Intuitive handling features let you conduct the most important measurements with one device, including pupil and iris diameter evaluations. Refraction... Read More

  8. Antares Topographer

    mivision | 29 May 2017

    Antares is an all-in-one device manufactured by CSO in Italy. It performs corneal topography, NIBUT analysis, lipid layer grading, infrared meibography, pupillography and contact lenses fitting.  Antares’ built-in keratometer and automatic... Read More

  9. Fight Retinal Blindness! Real World Findings

    Professor Mark Gillies and Chu Luan Nguyen | 28 April 2017

    Age-related macular degeneration is the most common cause of irreversible visual loss in developed countries.1 We review the Fight Retinal Blindness! findings from our large observational data on the real-world effectiveness and safety of anti-vascular... Read More

  10. Sonomed VuPad: Innovative See and Touch...

    mivision | 28 April 2017

    The better the image, the more accurate the diagnosis. The Sonomed Escalon VuPad's superior B-Scan and UBM image quality with Enhanced Focus Rendering and ultra-high resolution touch screen allows you to capture crisp still images and record video that can be ... Read More

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