1. Enhancing IOL Accuracy: ORA

    Dr. Ravi Singh | 26 March 2017

    Cataract surgery has evolved over the last 30 years from a procedure ideally designed to relieve patients of media opacity alone into a refractive surgical procedure in its own right. The Alcon Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) is a tool developed to help... Read More

  2. Extended Tecnis Symfony Toric

    mivision | 26 March 2017

    The Tecnis Symfony Toric Extended Range of Vision IOL addresses both presbyopia and astigmatism while delivering a full range of continuous vision.  Rather than splitting light into distinct focal points, the Tecnis Symfony Toric IOL elongates focus,... Read More

  3. The ORA System, Now Featuring VerifEye+

    mivision | 26 March 2017

    As more patients seek to be spectacle free following cataract surgery, the need for advanced diagnostics increases. ORA (Optiwave Refractive Analysis) with VerifEye+ is the world’s first intraoperative wavefront aberrometer. ORA provides verification of ... Read More

  4. Sirius 3D Scheimpflug Camera

    mivision | 26 March 2017

    Sirius by CSO is the only machine on the market that combines a rotating Scheimpflug camera and Placido disk to offer a high precision three-dimensional analysis of both the cornea and the anterior segment. Thanks to those two specificities, Sirius delivers... Read More

  5. Zeiss Cataract Suite Markerless

    mivision | 26 March 2017

    The Zeiss Cataract Suite Markerless consists of the IOLMaster, the Zeiss OPMI Lumera surgical microscope and computer-assisted cataract surgery system Callisto eye. By using a reference image taken on the IOLMaster as part of the normal biometry process,... Read More

  6. Aladdin Biometry Solution

    mivision | 26 March 2017

    Aladdin is a complete biometry solution to support surgeons choose the spherical power of the IOL and select the right premium IOL for each eye. The Aladdin was developed with three key points in mind: speed, accuracy and operator ease of use. With a modern... Read More

  7. ABiC with iTrack

    mivision | 26 March 2017

    A challenge associated with the use of stent-based MIGS is that the location of increased aqueous outflow resistance is often unclear – when targeting a small area of the outflow system with stent-based MIGS there is a risk that the area of blockage... Read More

  8. The Many Facets of Glaucoma

    Dr. Simon Skalicky and Clin A/Prof Andrew White | 28 February 2017

    Evolving research into glaucoma is improving diagnosis and management for our glaucoma patients. Significant advances in glaucoma detection and management during 2016 included new dietary advice, the use of Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography (OCT-A) for ... Read More

  9. Hylo: Preservative-free, Dry Eye Lubrication

    mivision | 28 February 2017

    Dry eye syndrome and glaucoma commonly occur together, with the long term treatment of glaucoma potentially being a cause of dry eye in patients. The Hylo range of eye drops provides long-lasting, preservative-free relief from dry eye for your glaucoma... Read More

  10. Retimax Electrophysiology

    mivision | 28 February 2017

    Retimax by CSO is an innovative technology using multi-focal ERG, PERG and VEP tests for improved detection of retinal diseases. Retimax identifies retinal dysfunctions within a 20-40 degree area in the retina structure at a very early stage, before... Read More

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