1. Grow Your Practice – Online Anytime

    Melanie Kell | 27 October 2017

    Consumers are no longer content to wait. They want to access product, information and appointments from wherever they are, whenever they are ready they want to do it now. Optometrists who build a presence online can successfully pull patients in-store. Once... Read More

  2. Going Online: Your Legal Obligations

    Scott Chapman and Angela Pale | 27 October 2017

    The brave new world of online advertising presents a powerful way to engage your patients and attract new prospects... but are you aware of the Guidelines that govern your content? Communications online have become the standard way in which we get our... Read More

  3. A Magnificent Man In His Flying Machine

    Alan Saks | 29 August 2017

    Having performed the necessary pre-flight checks, Dr. Philip Anderton expertly heads into the air from Maitland Airport, NSW in his RV-7 twin-seater, single engine aircraft. The mission? To perform some necessary and greatly appreciated optometric clinics for ... Read More

  4. ODMA17 Returns to Sydney in Style

    mivision | 11 July 2017

    Click here to view all Mivision Images from ODMA 2017 The optometry sector is looking strong and Australian consumers have an appetite for interesting, colourful eyewear, even at a price, according to exhibitors showcasing their new wares at ODMA17. Back in... Read More

  5. The Fat Professor: Eye Health and Low Carb,...

    Ryan O’Connor | 26 June 2017

    We are all told that we should be advising our diabetic patients to eat a healthier diet, one that will help control their diabetes, and its complications, among them eye problems. But what exactly is a healthy diet and is there any truth in the newly... Read More

  6. Crossing Borders to Save Lives

    Melanie Kell | 29 May 2017

    Khyber Alam’s father says his son is “an old person trapped in a young man’s body”. He lost his childhood to the war in Afghanistan and now, from the safety of his new home in Glenorchy Tasmania, the 23-year old optometrist is... Read More

  7. Garage to Global Leader a Tradition of Innovation

    Melanie Kell | 29 May 2017

    Over 60 years ago, Irving Rips had a vision: he wanted to create a bifocal lens that wouldn’t give away the wearer’s age with its tell-tale lines. Irving’s desire led him to develop the world’s first ‘seamless bifocal’ from ... Read More

  8. Is the Electric Car Finally Viable?

    Dr. Brett Robinson | 29 May 2017

    Electric cars are beginning to rule the roads in Europe and the US, but not so much in Australia. Buyers like the idea of petrol-free driving, and there are some real advantages in terms of costs, but there have also been some speed bumps on that road.... Read More

  9. Putting Concussion Into Perspective

    Melanie Kell | 28 April 2017

    Reading a book or watching a movie was a simple pleasure until law student Luke was concussed during a game of Australian Rules. Eighteen months later, and six months after commencing vision therapy for his visual issues with a behavioural optometrist, he... Read More

  10. Pursuing a Vision: Oculo – Better than a Letter

    Alan Saks | 26 March 2017

    Faced with the increasing burden that medico-legal and privacy issues place on practitioners, it is important to make sure the systems you have in place meet or exceed the standards of care. Oculo, an Australian designed secure communications platform for eye ... Read More

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