1. Professor Nathan Efron AC

    Melanie Kell | 28 July 2015

    QUT research optometrist and prolific author Professor Nathan Efron AC was recently made a Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia. He is the first member of the optometry profession to receive this most prestigious honour that recognises... Read More

  2. Gift of Sight: Preventing the Scourge of...

    Rachel Fyfe | 28 July 2015

    A team of five eye health volunteers from Sydney travelled to Adventist Hospital Santiago City, Philippines in late April, to perform cataract surgery on some of the estimated 400,000 people suffering from avoidable blindness in the Philippines. The results... Read More

  3. Alan Saks Looks to the Future

    mivision | 24 June 2015

    Alan Saks is a third generation optometrist. Based in Auckland New Zealand, he is actively involved in the profession, having served multiple terms as President of Contact Lens Societies and arranged numerous conferences. He’s also served on education... Read More

  4. The Story behind that Photo

    Michelle Hauschild | 26 May 2015

    It’s a fair bet that most Australians would recognise the black and white photo of Fred Hollows, crowded by onlookers, pointing to the eye of a young Vietnamese child.That moment, and its immortalisation on film, sent two lives – that of the young ... Read More

  5. Jennifer Gersbeck &Vision 2020 Driving Change ...

    Melanie Kell | 26 May 2015

    Jennifer Gersbeck has a tough gig. As CEO of Vision 2020 Australia, it’s her job to bring together disparate groups who represent eye health and vision care, create a collective message, then lobby governments for change. There’s no doubt Jennifer ... Read More

  6. A Lifesaving Call

    Melanie Kell, PHOTOS: Lisa Thompson | 30 April 2015

    When 66-year-old commercial fisherman Dennis Sutton noticed the straight line of the horizon had turned into a mountain on the ocean, he knew something was up… the subsequent call he put into Macular Disease Foundation Australia saved his sight. It was ... Read More

  7. Translating Age-related Macular Degeneration...

    Dr. Laura Downie | 30 April 2015

    A survey conducted by Dr. Laura Downie and Associate Professor Peter Keller has identified potential areas to improve the primary optometric care provided to patients with early stages of age-related macular degeneration. Later this year, they intend to... Read More

  8. An Exceptional Optometrist Honoured Micheal Knipe ...

    Melanie Kell | 26 March 2015

    When Micheal Knipe was recently invested as a Member of the Order of Australia for his lifetime commitment to optometry in Australia and overseas, he said it was “unexpected and humbling”. He is likely to be the only one in the profession who was... Read More

  9. mivision: The Story behind the Brand behind the...

    Mark Cushway | 26 March 2015

    As the 100th issue of mivision lands in practices around Australia and New Zealand, we reflect on the evolution of one idea. When co-publisher and business partner Todd Tai and I first discussed the idea of mivision we looked at what existed in the optometry... Read More

  10. Taking Charge of Eye Health in Cambodia

    William Robertson | 26 February 2015

    Cambodia Vision, a small Australian not-for-profit organisation, recently treated the eyes of almost 3,000 underprivileged people in Kratie Province in regional Cambodia. I was fortunate to travel with Cambodia Vision as a volunteer for the six-day program.... Read More

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