1. 5 Things that Make Optometry Stressful…and How...

    Luke Mathers | 02 April 2018

    Recognising stressors in your work can help you reframe the mundane, embrace the meaningful and get more joy from your career. “Is optometry stressful?” I was asked that recently by a year 12 student who was contemplating studying optometry next... Read More

  2. Artificial Intelligence The Future for Eye Care

    Dr. Amy Cohn | 02 April 2018

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has received an enormous amount of publicity in the last year. From autonomous cars to robots in the work place, to face recognition apps on our phones, AI seems to play an increasingly prominent role in all aspects of our lives.... Read More

  3. Managing Glaucoma in Regional & Remote...

    Associate Professor John Landers | 28 February 2018

    It takes a collaborative effort, supported by strong protocols, to provide the gold standard of glaucoma care that patients living in regional and remote Australia deserve. Ophthalmologist A/Prof. John Landers tells about the procedures he’s put into... Read More

  4. Glaucoma Australia Celebrates 30 Years of...

    Geoff Pollard | 28 February 2018

    Thirty years on, Glaucoma Australia continues to make a significant impact on the lives of people at risk and diagnosed with glaucoma by delivering relevant communication and education, and funding valuable research. March 2018 marks the 30th anniversary of... Read More

  5. Pursuing Education in Glaucoma

    mivision | 28 February 2018

    Australian and New Zealand optometrists are well placed to pursue full-scope clinical practice in the area of glaucoma. By entering into co-management partnerships, they can enhance the management and visual outcomes of patients with this disease. Australian... Read More

  6. Delivering Telehealth in Western Australia

    Associate Professor Angus Turner | 01 February 2018

    Evolving telehealth services are significantly improving eye health in remote Western Australia. Optometrists and ophthalmologists are working collaboratively to screen, diagnose and book patients in for outback surgery using realtime... Read More

  7. Myopia: A 21st Century Public Health Issue

    Professor Padmaja Sankaridurg and Dr. Monica Jong | 29 November 2017

    The global prevalence of myopia and high myopia is rapidly increasing, largely due to modern urban lifestyles. While there may be little we can do to change our lifestyle, it may be possible to prevent or delay the onset of myopia and slow its progression in... Read More

  8. Grow Your Practice – Online Anytime

    Melanie Kell | 27 October 2017

    Consumers are no longer content to wait. They want to access product, information and appointments from wherever they are, whenever they are ready they want to do it now. Optometrists who build a presence online can successfully pull patients in-store. Once... Read More

  9. Going Online: Your Legal Obligations

    Scott Chapman and Angela Pale | 27 October 2017

    The brave new world of online advertising presents a powerful way to engage your patients and attract new prospects... but are you aware of the Guidelines that govern your content? Communications online have become the standard way in which we get our... Read More

  10. A Magnificent Man In His Flying Machine

    Alan Saks | 29 August 2017

    Having performed the necessary pre-flight checks, Dr. Philip Anderton expertly heads into the air from Maitland Airport, NSW in his RV-7 twin-seater, single engine aircraft. The mission? To perform some necessary and greatly appreciated optometric clinics for ... Read More

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