1. Baloji’s Mujinga and the Kitoko

    mivision | 29 April 2016

    Baloji + Komono is a Belgian sunglasses capsule collection designed by the poet, musician, actor and artist Baloji and launched by watch and sunglass brand Komono. The malachite acetate used for these sunglasses is exclusively developed by Komono. All styles... Read More

  2. Christian Lacroix

    mivision | 29 April 2016

    Christian Lacroix’s vibrant spring – summer colour palette has inspired an entirely unique new collection of frames that epitomises the beauty of luxury in fine eyewear. Model CL1065 (pictured) features the signature baroque monogram on the end... Read More

  3. Cole Haan Launches in Australia

    mivision | 29 April 2016

    Eyewear from the American fashion accessories brand Cole Haan is now available in Australia through GenOp. Targeting women and men aged 30 plus, Cole Haan eyewear offers classic styling that honours the clean, modern aesthetic of the brand’s namesake... Read More

  4. Klik

    mivision | 29 April 2016

    With its retro inspired brow line design, Klik’s K-557 emulates timeless sophistication. This full rim square-shaped combination frame, reminiscent of the 1950s and early 60s, is designed so that the upper portion of the frame is more prominent than the ... Read More

  5. Okia 3D Block Explosion

    mivision | 29 April 2016

    Okia’s 3D Block collection offers a vivid explosion of high definition colours created within the acetate base from solid materials such as crystals, glitters, pearls and gold foil using the company’s patented HDA Technology. Light and shade,... Read More

  6. Rye & Lye Dante

    mivision | 29 April 2016

    Italy’s Rye&Lye eyewear combines vintage shapes with cutting edge details and processes. Pictured here is Dante, made entirely of plastic and finished with 100 per cent titanium detailing at the temples and hinges. Read More

  7. Bold and Discreet: OWP Blau

    mivision | 29 April 2016

    Light-hearted design meets OWP's typical sophistication to create a young, fresh look in OWP Blau. Ten styles and three creative concepts form the new collection's starting line-up – aluminium elements in different colours and surfaces, colourful... Read More

  8. Adlens Select Expands Reach

    mivision | 29 April 2016

    Adlens is expanding its reach and, having successfully established its continually adjustable eyewear brand in Japan, has launched Adlens Select in Europe. Adlens Select, which features award-winning Alvarez technology, boasts an adjustable dioptre range from ... Read More

  9. Jono Hennessy: Australian Botanicals

    mivision | 14 April 2016

    Jono Hennessy is proud to present the 2016 Australian Botanicals Fabric Collection, featuring beautiful fine eye shapes in a stunning array of botanical prints. Using a technique Jono developed with Dr. Regina Rossi at Mazzucchelli in Italy over 30 years ago, ... Read More

  10. Dzmitry Samal

    mivision | 24 March 2016

    According to the founders /creative talents behind Samal Design, this brand’s eyewear is inspired by “art deco, urban constructivism and 80s videogames with a modern twist”. Dzmitry Samal comes from Belarus and studied in Italy before... Read More

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