1. Rosemary Petyarre meets Jono Hennessey

    mivision | 26 November 2014

    Jono Hennessey has partnered with Aboriginal artist Rosemary Petyarre to create a limited edition fabrix frame from her bush yam fabric.Rosemary Petyarre (Pitjara) was born in 1945, and was one of a group of Anmatyerre women at the forefront of the art... Read More

  2. Blackfin Lines and Colour

    mivision | 26 November 2014

    Blackfin Zero EDGE has launched a striking new sunglass model for women. The lenses of this Italian brand’s titanium model BF715 Magnetic are the stand out. The angular curves of the front stand in contrast to the taut arc that divides the massive... Read More

  3. Kirk & Kirk Claim Gold

    mivision | 26 November 2014

    British eyewear company Kirk and Kirk has been honoured with the Newcomer Award at the Hall of Frames exhibition in Stuttgart. The award, which recognises innovative new brands, was judged by a jury comprising renowned opticians from Switzerland and Germany,... Read More

  4. Rigards: Handmade for the Face

    mivision | 26 November 2014

    Rigards frames are constructed by hand from the horn of farm-reared water buffalo. This beautifully rich natural material is environmentally sound, allergan free, and cool and comfortable to wear. Rigards designs are original and non-conformist yet respectful ... Read More

  5. Karen Walker Celebrates 10 Years in Eyewear

      | 26 November 2014

    Karen Walker is popping the corks to celebrate 10 years of her sunglasses range, which is sold through Sunshades in 31 countries, including Australia, the US, Japan and Korea. Big, chunky frames, with quirky shapes in bold colours have become Walker’s... Read More

  6. Veronika Wildgruber: Interspaces

    mivision | 26 November 2014

    Veronika Wildgruber’s current collection is characterised by bold colour and material combinations, with changing surfaces, crossing lines and cut-aways creating interesting plays in space.This technically advanced collection from the young Belgium... Read More

  7. Punk Kaos

    mivision | 26 November 2014

    Mohawks, piercing, and day-glow colours. Welcome to the new punk world of Kaos, designed for younger wearers who are determined, rebellious and ironic – all at the same time.The eyewear follows suit.Within this collection are two shapes: two-tone square ... Read More

  8. Scratched Core

    mivision | 26 November 2014

    Niloca’s Scratched Core collection has been designed to “reveal what lies beneath the surface” of the acetate, with an array of haphazard lines intersecting asymmetrically across the frame.Designed by Colin Redmond, an international... Read More

  9. Buffy Slays Specsavers Comp

    mivision | 26 November 2014

    It wasn’t until US actor Sarah Michelle Gellar was aged 19 and filming on the set of Buffy that she realised she needed glasses. These days she is a proud spectacle wearer, and during 2014, the ambassador and a judge of Specsaver’s annual... Read More

  10. Pure Porsche

    mivision | 30 October 2014

    Porsche Design has expanded its sun and optical range with 13 sunglasses and correction spectacles. Purist design and clear styling are reflected in the new models – characteristics that have distinguished the luxury brand for more than 40 years. Within ... Read More

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