1. Go Local Australian Eyewear Designs that Rock

    Melanie Kell | 26 March 2014

    The local eyewear industry is alive and well with Australian designers coming up with new frame shapes and styles to meet the needs of consumers across the spectrum – from budget focussed customers and those who require safety eyewear for work or... Read More

  2. Inspired by a Free-Spirited Future

    Melanie Kell | 26 March 2014

    Remember those books you used to get when you were a kid? They were spiral bound, and each page was chopped into three sections. By turning one section of one page, you completely changed the image in front of you. The results were interesting, funny, mad!... Read More

  3. Designed to Fit Eyewear to Suit the Asian Shaped...

    Melanie Kell | 24 February 2014

    According to the 2011 Census, Australians of Asian ancestry make up a whopping 12 per cent of the Australian population (nearly 20 per cent in Sydney). Frames to suit an Asian shaped face are in high demand and that demand is only going to get stronger. There ... Read More

  4. The Colourful Life and Styles of Caroline Abram

    Mark Cushway | 24 February 2014

    What do you get when you combine the colours of Senegal and India, the sophistication of France and the fun of Miami? Of course, it can only be the stunning eyewear designed by the gorgeous Caroline Abram… I caught up with Caroline in Paris late last... Read More

  5. Eyewear for the Office The Choice of...

    Melanie Kell | 27 January 2014

    When it comes to professional eyewear, there are plenty of lens and frame options to help people look and feel on top of their game for getting back to work this year. When I was first prescribed spectacles, my only concern was the frame. With so many... Read More

  6. Keeping It Real: Teen Tested Eyewear

    Michelle Hauschild | 26 November 2013

    On any given Friday and Saturday night, in countless homes across the country, you’ll hear an adult screech: “You can’t go out looking like that!” The comment – directed at said adult’s teenage offspring – is most... Read More

  7. Driving Eyewear

    Melanie Kell | 28 October 2013

    We spend a lot of our time on the road – whether it’s a short trip across town or a long journey across the country for the summer holidays. With the sun beating in through the windscreen, eyes quickly fatigue, reaction times slow and accidents... Read More

  8. Pushing the Limits Zeal Optics’ Sustainable...

    Melanie Kell | 28 October 2013

    Zeal Optics is pushing the boundaries of sustainable production, and encouraging wearers to push their own personal boundaries too. mivision caught up with Joe Prebich, Zeal’s Director of Marketing, to hear the story of this adventurous Colorado-based... Read More

  9. Expanding Horizons with Rx-able Sunglasses

    Melanie Kell | 29 September 2013

    Scripted sunglasses are no longer seen as a luxury or an add-on purchase. Today they're bundled up and sold alongside standard optical eyewear as part of complete package to meet your customer’s vision needs. So when it comes to choosing the lenses,... Read More

  10. Woow Anti-crisis Eyewear

    Michelle Hauschild | 29 September 2013

    Mix a British sense of humour, with respected French designers, and Italian manufacturing and you end up with a result that is just… Woow! mivision spoke to lead designer Pascal Jaulent about the inspiration behind this delightfully quirky brand. The... Read More

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