1. Asian Fit Finding the Elevation

    Melanie Kell | 02 April 2018

    Eyewear designers are increasingly turning their attention to the growing Asian market, realising that traditional frame designs do not fit – or sit – well on the faces of this population. As a result there are now plenty of purpose designed... Read More

  2. Dresden Eyewear to Save the Planet

    Melanie Kell | 02 April 2018

    Dresden isn’t your typical eyewear brand. The company has a strong commitment to the planet and its  people – crafting playful eyewear in Australia from recycled and recyclable materials – and ensuring it’s accessible at an... Read More

  3. Designed From the Heart

    Colin Redmond | 28 February 2018

    I’m an Industrial Designer of more than 20 years, but I’m surprised by how much is assumed and how little known about our profession. It contributes vastly to culture and business, yet resembles an international secret society. Behind closed doors ... Read More

  4. Von Arkel: Classic Design, Innovative Technology

    Melanie Kell | 28 February 2018

    “Von Arkel eyewear has been inspired by the precision of Swiss watch making since it was founded by Christophe Kozma in 2014. Now a focus on design is pushing this high-tech frame maker into the realms of luxury fashion. When project Von Arkel began... Read More

  5. Fashion Frames for High Fliers

    Melanie Kell | 01 February 2018

    There’s nothing quite like the let-down of plunging back into work after a long summer break. You sit down at your desk, open up a never-ending stream of unanswered emails, and check the calendar... the reality of the next 11 months hits you...  I... Read More

  6. Happy Eyes...that's SPY

    mivision | 01 February 2018

    Unconventional, colourful and stylish... the Spy family blends art, science and sport to create sunglasses, goggles and prescription frames for the fun-loving outdoor community. Spy is not your average sports eyewear design brand. This independent... Read More

  7. Finding the Fit: Great Frames for Kids

    Melanie Kell | 29 November 2017

    There are plenty of great kids’ frames on the market and thankfully, these days, most children with visual impairment are more accepting of the need to wear them. Choosing the right frame for your young patient – in terms of style and fit –... Read More

  8. Zana & Max: Invigorating Eyewear for Everyday ...

    Melanie Kell | 29 November 2017

    Let’s face it. Not every customer has an endless budget. In fact most don’t. But that doesn’t stop them from wanting to look great. That’s where Zana and Max come into the equation. This fashion forward Australian designer brand offers ... Read More

  9. The Prada Influence

    Melanie Kell | 27 October 2017

    The Prada story is a remarkable one of growth and influence across all spheres of life, from haute couture to accessories and eyewear, from sports to the arts and even confectionery. The Prada brand is one that’s synonymous with all things luxury.... Read More

  10. Up and At It – Sports & Adventure Eyewear

    Melanie Kell | 27 October 2017

    When it comes to sports and adventure eyewear, nothing beats comfort, durability and the ability for the frame to stay in place under pressure. This ever expanding eyewear category is as innovative as it is lucrative. The athleisure trend has turned workout... Read More

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