1. Eye Disease Health and Nutrition

    Dr. Stephanie Hyams and Geraldine Georgeou | 31 May 2018

    The role of the eye care provider is to optimise eye health and ultimately maintain sight. But is there more we can do to provide support or even preventthe development and progression of eye disease? In practice, we often see patients presenting... Read More

  2. Oculentis FEMTIS Intraocular Lenses - A...

    Emmanuel Calligeros | 31 May 2018

    Advances in the design of multifocal and toric intraocular lenses (IOLs) have made centration and rotational stability increasingly important when it comes to achieving optimal postoperative vision results. Patient demands and expectations in terms of their... Read More

  3. Managing Diet and the Risks of AMD

    Professor Bamini Gopinath | 30 April 2018

    Strong evidence suggests that interventions to achieve dietary behaviour change in patients with age-related macular degeneration could help prevent disease progression. Co-management between eyecare practitioners and dietitians could provide an effective... Read More

  4. Finding the Fountain of Youth: Multifocal Contact ...

    Shon Prasad | 30 April 2018

    The future is here with multifocal contact lenses, yet so many patients are unaware of how far the technology has come or how it can improve quality of life… educating your patients and upskilling yourself on your approach to fitting is key. I am a... Read More

  5. Taking Control of Mild Dry Eye

    Emma Furniss | 02 April 2018

    The term 'mild dry eye' may sound trivial, yet it can be debilitating for our patients. Fortunately the technology is now available to treat the symptoms more aggressively than ever before. Optometrists and ophthalmologists regularly declare patients with... Read More

  6. Bausch+Lomb Biotrue Multi-Purpose Solution

    mivision | 02 April 2018

    Bausch+Lomb Biotrue is a multi-purpose solution to make wearing contact lenses easier on your patients’ eyes.1 Inspired by the biology of the eye, B+L says Biotrue provides unsurpassed disinfection2 and matches the pH  balance of healthy tears.3 It ... Read More

  7. New I.C.P Instruments for Dry Eye

    mivision | 02 April 2018

    I.C.P products, for comprehensive diagnosis and evaluation of dry eye disease, are extremely compact, hand held or slit lamp mountable with advanced imaging and analysis software. The multi-functional I.C.P OSA – Ocular Surface Analyser – analyses ... Read More

  8. Evolve Preservative Free Formulations

    mivision | 02 April 2018

    The premium Evolve range is a generation two technology, preservative free delivery system that gives the multi-dose benefits of a single dose unit with the familiarity of a standard bottle. A soft, squeezable bottle improves ease of use and blue tip... Read More

  9. E-Eye is Certified IPL Treatment for Dry Eye

    mivision | 02 April 2018

    According to France Medical, the latest E-Eye IPL device, with its unique patented flash, improves patient  experience by 32 per cent. The device emits a light that targets and stimulates the nerves attached to the meibomian glands, and is suitable for... Read More

  10. NovaTears Preservative Free Drops

    mivision | 02 April 2018

    NovaTears (Perfluorohexyloctane 100 per cent v/v, 3mL) is a new, unique preservative-free eye lubricant and tear film stabiliser in a multi-dose bottle, for the relief of evaporative dry eye. It uses patented EyeSol technology to provide an innovative... Read More

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