1. Paragon CRT LIVE Webinar | September 30 7-8 am |...

    mivision | 04 September 2014

    “Paragon CRT, the Global Benchmark for Safety in corneal reshaping present the Webinar "What To Do When…?”Join us for a Webinar on September 30   Contact Lens Centre Australia invites you to register for an invitation only Paragon... Read More

  2. QUT Student Eyeball 2014: Oui Oui!

    Saleem Ha | 26 August 2014

    By night one way, by day another... oh wait! No ogres in this story, as the photographic optometrist Saleem Ha journeys on a quest to Brisbane, searching for the party known as ‘The Eyeball’. Read More

  3. Although Numbers Down: AVC Packs a Punch

    Melanie Kell, Photos: Saleem Ha | 29 May 2014

    The numbers at the 2014 Australian Vision Convention may have been a lot lower than previous conferences but according to delegates, speakers and exhibitors alike, it packed a powerful punch with all those who attended eager to benefit from sharing the latest ... Read More

  4. HyperGel Daily Contact Lenses

    Melanie Kell | 26 March 2014

    Having achieved an 80 per cent success rate when fitting Bausch and Lomb’s new HyperGel daily contact lens ‘Biotrue Oneday’, Sydney optometrist Emmanuel Calligeros says he’s convinced that these new lenses are “a good choice for... Read More

  5. SRC 2014:Melbourne in the Autumn

    Melanie Kell | 26 March 2014

    (Click here to view more images) There was a sense of buoyancy amidst the 900-strong crowd that gathered in Melbourne for the first-ever summer Autumn Regional Congress in early March. In what we hope is a sign of more prosperous times, Terri Smith, CEO of... Read More

  6. Opti 2014: Big on Branding

    Melanie Kell | 24 February 2014

    It was the big brands from Germany that held centre stage at Opti 2014 in January – and none more so than Rodenstock, which chose its home market to launch the new Claudia Schiffer eyewear collection. Award winning optometrist Helen Summers visited Opti ... Read More

  7. Gateway to Asia: The Hong Kong Optical Fair

    Mark Cushway | 26 November 2013

    Hong Kong – the new-age island city built on an ancient civilisation – was the destination for international eyewear buyers from 6-8 November. I went along to see how this annual fair stacks up against those in Europe, Australia and other regions... Read More

  8. SILMO: The Buzz of the Village

    Mark Cushway | 28 October 2013

    There’s no mistaking Silmo. It’s unlike any other optical show when it comes to style… grace… fashion… style… funk… hipsters. Did I say style? Yep, style. Silmo was simply bubbling over with it...It’s here, ... Read More

  9. Tasmania’s Lifestyle Congres: A Centenary Event

    Andrew Hogan | 29 September 2013

    The rather quirkily named Tasmania’s Lifestyle Congress (TLC) is now in its ninth year and has grown from a small seminar following the Optometrists Association’s AGM to a three day conference incorporating a specialist low vision seminar with top ... Read More

  10. WAVE 2013: Strong Educational Program

    Melanie Kell | 29 September 2013

    Laser treatment for early stage macular degeneration, ocular surface reconstruction surgery using limbal stem cells, and strategies to minimise risks in practice… these were just some of the topics presented as part of a strong educational program at... Read More

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