1. Mivision Issue 124 June 2017

    mivision | 29 May 2017

    They say succession – or exit – planning is essential for business continuity and that practice owners should put plans in place to exit their business well in advance of any intention to step aside. Recently I spoke to Professor Kovin Naidoo,... Read More

  2. Mivision Issue 123, May 2017

    Melanie Kell | 28 April 2017

    With autumn well and truly here, the country’s sports fields have been taken over by football, which, as we know, comes with a relatively high risk of head injury (equestrians suffer the highest incidence of concussion at 130/100,000 participants,... Read More

  3. Mivision Issue 122, April 2017

    Alan Saks | 26 March 2017

    For many the year starts slowly, but by April it’s full steam ahead. This year, we’ve already had a number of exciting events and developments take place, with many more to come. Our lead news story is about the discovery of a retinal cell that... Read More

  4. Mivision Issue 121, March 2017

    Alan Saks | 28 February 2017

    Although it seems that 2017 has just begun, a number of ground breaking issues are already impacting the Australasian eye care professions and we’ve covered them in this issue. Of course the major news that broke earlier this year was the massive... Read More

  5. Mivision Issue 120, February 2017

    Alan Saks | 29 January 2017

    Welcome to the first issue of mivision for 2017. Australia is an extraordinary country, with an eye care sector absolutely committed to improving global eye health as evidenced by the recent announcement that Brien Holden Vision Institute has joined Microsoft ... Read More

  6. mivision Issue 119, December 2016

    Mark Cushway | 25 November 2016

    It has been an incredible year. Both professions of optometry and ophthalmology have experienced change in terms of the uptake of new devices and treatments during the year. Although there have been sometimes heated discussions over respective scopes of... Read More

  7. mivision Issue 118, November 2016

    Mark Cushway | 28 October 2016

    Our November issue of mivision is the biggest edition we’ve produced to date. The next 108 pages will take you on a journey of unexpected discovery – through the arts and into science, business, fashion and beyond – yet always with a focus... Read More

  8. mivision Issue 117, October 2016

    Mark Cushway | 28 September 2016

    The dedication of eye care professionals never fails to impress or inspire me. There’s an over-riding commitment to achieving best patient outcomes that shines through bright and strong in every conversation we have, regardless of whether we’re... Read More

  9. mivision Issue 116, September 2016

    Mark Cushway | 26 August 2016

    Emerging from the cooler, darker months of the year, it’s easy to get excited about spending time outside… walking, picnics, boating, hanging out time at the beach… just the thought is enough to lift your spirits. But spare a thought for... Read More

  10. mivision Issue 115, August 2016

    Mark Cushway | 27 July 2016

    One of the great things about being editor is that I get direct feedback from you (our readers) about issues we cover that you feel most passionate about. The feedback we get serves to inform and guide us in future articles. Last issue, an article we received ... Read More

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