1. The Second Supplier Entitlement Awaits You

    John Lees | 26 March 2014

    There is an additional, key service entitlement that is available to you from all suppliers… so don’t miss out! The first service entitlement is known to all optometry practices and offered (or at least claimed) by all suppliers: ‘we have... Read More

  2. Equipment Financing Under the Microscope

    Melanie Kell | 24 February 2014

    Affording patients the best possible care and attention goes hand-in-hand with the need to assess medical equipment and the most appropriate means of financing – but it needn’t be an arduous process.  Medical practitioners across Australia... Read More

  3. Facebook: Is this the end?

    Michelle Hauschild | 24 February 2014

    Researchers in the United States forecast that Facebook will lose 80 per cent of its users by 2017 leading commentators to predict the social media behemoth is heading the way of the floppy disk and the Walkman. So, as an eye health practitioner, is it still... Read More

  4. Making the Difference: Managing Customer...

    Melanie Kell | 27 January 2014

    We all make mistakes, we all get complaints… whether they’re about your practice or your competition, it’s how you manage those customer complaints that can make all the difference. Recently my mother spent AU$1,800 on two pairs of glasses... Read More

  5. Creating Service Champions

    John Lees2 | 27 January 2014

    If most practices need service champions on their team, why do so many settle for mere chameleons? A ‘service champion’ is created from an individual with a very good attitude; someone who wants and needs to do well in business… and... Read More

  6. A New Kind of Leadership

    Dan Hammond | 26 November 2013

    Changing circumstances can call for a change in approach…  Success comes down to sharing the leadership responsibilities to ensure everyone creates the conditions of success for those around them. During the summer of 2002, in the run-up to... Read More

  7. The Lipstick Economic Index

    Michelle Hauschild | 28 October 2013

    Academics and marketing experts call it “compensatory consumption,” others have labeled it the “lipstick effect”. For the rest of it, it is just another name for plain-old retail therapy. But does the “feel good” retail... Read More

  8. Strengthening the Frontline: Optical Alliance...

    Melanie Kell | 29 September 2013

    A new alliance, exclusive to independent optometry practices in Australia, aims to build practices and promote unity. Optical Alliance, a new business network, established by CR Surfacing and launched in April this year, has attracted almost 100 members. The... Read More

  9. The Fear Factor behind Discounting Partnerships

    Ed Kosmac | 29 September 2013

    When the owners of the Kosmac and Clemens independent practices took a breath, stepped step back and measured the impact of the partnerships forged with Private Health Funds, they soon realised the promised ensuing profits were flowing out the door, rather... Read More

  10. The Dilemma of Threat and Opportunity

    Mark Overton | 29 September 2013

    Most practices these days face the dilemma of threat and opportunity. Relationships with insurance providers and other third parties can be useful, but often evolve from one or more of three assumptions: I can get many more patients in my practice by being a... Read More

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