1. Grow Your Skill Set and Your Practice With...

    Margaret Lam | 01 February 2018

    Contact lenses can differentiate your practice and enhance your patients’ lives. In this skill-building article, we explore ways to cultivate your contact lenses practice, expand your scope as a... Read More

  2. Navigating NDIS and Aged Care: Vision Australia’s ...

    Melanie Kell | 29 November 2017

    There’s a plethora of services and support available for people who have permanent and significant disabilities through the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Aged Care. Both schemes are designed to provide people with greater choice and control... Read More

  3. The Business of Managing Myopia

    Dr. M. Jong, Prof. P. Sankaridurg & Dr. K. Ooi Tan | 20 November 2017

    The rising prevalence of myopia, and its associated ocular risks represents a public health challenge that optometrists are at the forefront to manage. Are you ready, or will you refer to your colleague who is better equipped to do so? Optometry has come a... Read More

  4. A Powerful United Voice

    Melanie Kell | 16 October 2017

    A co-ordinated multimedia marketing campaign is enabling Eyecare Plus practices across central and northern New South Wales to reach new and existing patients via television, radio and digital marketing. It’s an effort that would be inconceivable for an ... Read More

  5. Celebrating Heritage: OPSM Turns 85

    Melanie Kell | 03 October 2017

    The brand name OPSM (Optical Prescription Spectacle Makers) is synonymous with eye care in Australia and it’s easy to understand why. The company has played a major role in our population’s eye health and introduced us to some of the biggest... Read More

  6. The Hawthorne Effect: Watch It Get Better!

    Mark Overton | 29 August 2017

    Sometimes, what you know to be a problem in one setting, can be a very handy thing in another. Take the ‘Hawthorne’ effect for example. As scientists, we recognise it as a rather unwanted research bias that can be hard to control. But management... Read More

  7. Practice Ownership – How to Get Started

    Dr. Brett Robinson | 29 August 2017

    Setting up in practice can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow the right steps, and you can quickly get back to what you do best with minimal fuss. Before you get down to the nuts and bolts of establishing a new practice, it’s a good... Read More

  8. How to Train Your Dispenser

    James Gibbins | 28 July 2017

    These seven steps to training your new dispenser could make all the difference to your practice and your dispenser’s job satisfaction. Optical dispensing is a specialised role within the optometry practice, and depending on who you are speaking with,... Read More

  9. Buying or Financing a Property? Here’s What to...

    Trevor Robertson and Peter McGuire | 28 July 2017

    Regardless of your stage of life, buying a home is a big financial decision. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 36 per cent of Australian home owners have a mortgage. Matching a home loan to your stage of life is no simple feat…... Read More

  10. The (r)evolution of ophthalmology

    Melanie Kell | 26 June 2017

    Last month marked the 20th anniversary of Vision Eye Institute’s Chatswood practice – two decades characterised by some of the greatest advances in ophthalmology to date. The clinic’s three founding partners – Dr. Chris Rogers,... Read More

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