1. It’s All About You… Nup!

    Melanie Kell | 27 January 2016

    There’s no doubt about it, once you start discounting stock on a regular basis, you’re on a slippery ride to the bottom – so how can you turn things around, stop your practice from becoming just another discount store and empower your staff... Read More

  2. Setting Quality Goals for Personal Growth

    Rachael Pickworth | 27 October 2015

    When it comes to setting quality goals, people often look at the end point then become overwhelmed with the journey required to get there. Chunking down your goals into manageable steps can help you achieve them. I often work with people who have reached a... Read More

  3. Growing Your Practice with Social Media

    Leigh Plowman | 28 September 2015

    Picture your practice thriving. You feel powerful, valuable and fulfilled in your community. Your team is energised. Your patients delighted. This is why you went into optometry. If you’re not there already, how do you make it happen… how can you ... Read More

  4. Re-defining Your Purpose in Practice

    Carolyn Tate | 26 August 2015

    Purpose is about living and working at the intersection of your talents, passions and strengths in service of the greater good. It’s about having a life with a goal to do good and leaving the world a better place because you existed. So where do you... Read More

  5. Home Financing; A Long-Term Perspective

    Andre Karney | 26 August 2015

    There’s no way around it: property investment takes time and money. Both of these are scarce resources if you’re a young medical professional looking to enter the market. At the end of a decade of education and training, most medical professionals ... Read More

  6. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

    Mark Overton | 28 July 2015

    When Neil Sedaka wrote the song Breaking Up is Hard to Do back in 1962 I don’t think he had optometry partnerships in mind. However, the messages of his song ring true for the profession… yes there is much to be learned by delving back into those ... Read More

  7. Is Your Customer Turned On?

    Shivana Shankar | 28 July 2015

    “Create an experience” – we’ve all heard it said, but are we really doing it? Customers are curious and retailers need to display their stores in an experimental and interactive manner. Not only will this provide an unforgettable... Read More

  8. Owning the Role of Leader

    Rachael Pickworth | 24 June 2015

    A successful manager is focused on their team. They can communicate a vision, they can lead and they can direct and manage. In doing so, a successful manager will generate outstanding performance. So how do you become a successful manager? I was recently... Read More

  9. How to Become a Conscious Business Leader

    Carolyn Tate | 26 May 2015

    Conscious Marketing is not about corporate social responsibility or philanthropy. It’s about building something so fundamentally good and compelling into the heart of your business, your products and services that people simply want to join your tribe... Read More

  10. Get Planning for the Year End

    Melanie Kell | 26 May 2015

    As the end of the financial year looms, it seems sensible to minimise your taxable income. But that’s not necessarily the best idea. In fact, there’s a significant difference between minimising your income and managing it, according to Stafford... Read More

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