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Kylie Rocks Sydney with Eyewear Collection

mivision | 14 March 2017
Australia’s own Kylie Minogue has collaborated with Specsavers to launch a collection of 25 optical and four sun frames for women. The collection was launched to the Australian market at an exclusive runway event at The Establishment in Sydney. Kylie’s new frames were showcased for the audience by models including international fashion model Samantha Harris.

Arriving on the runway to an explosion of gold glitter, Kylie said she’d wanted to design an eyewear collection because “I wear glasses everyday – either sunglasses or reading glasses – they are truly a part of my existence, so it was an opportunity to get involved, raid my drawer of glasses (for inspiration) – a collection spanning 20 years.”

Speaking to event host, E! Australia’s Ksenija Lukich, Kylie described her glasses style as, “Much like my own style – slightly unpredictable, the base is quite classic, then it depends on what one’s mood is, what you’re wearing, where you’re going… Styles come around – I would have bought glasses at markets – vintage glasses, designer glasses, cheap glasses, whatever, from wherever … and those are the things that gave me inspiration. I’m sure I will find more for my next collection.”

Within this elegant, feminine collection there is, understandably, a strong bias towards frames for smaller faces.

Specsaver’s Kylie collection was launched in the United Kingdom in early February. According to a Specsavers spokesperson, 7,000 frames were sold to UK customers within the first two weeks.

  • International Fashion Model Samantha Harris showcasing Kylie Minogue eyewear
  • Kylie Minogue
  • Kylie Minogue and E!Australia's Ksenija Lukich