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Eyewear That’s Just A little Bit Frooty

mivision | 19 June 2017
Kelloggs has teamed up with street style fashion designer Shaun Neff to bring the colours of Fruit Loops cereal to life in a limited collection of colourful mix and match eyewear.

Designed by Shaun Neff, founder of the Los Angeles-based streetwear brand Neff, the Neff + Froot Loops Toucan Sam Shades ‘kit’ features interchangeable faceplates and arms in four Froot Loops-inspired colours. They come packaged in a custom storage case with a unique Toucan Sam cleaning cloth and 80 combinations to unlock.

“We knew we couldn't just pick one colour to represent Froot Loops and Toucan Sam,” said Neff. “From his head to his tail feathers, Toucan Sam has a crazy cool colour palette – and the cereal has a unique burst of colours too. With so many possible combinations, our Toucan Sam Shades let fans create their own look to show off Whatever Froots their Loops.”

Retailing for $40, this limited-edition collection of just 400 pairs is available exclusively at neffheadwear.com/frootloops and at the Kellogg's NYC storefront in New York City.

According to Fortune Magazine, which points out that a recent report by Credit Suisse downgraded its rating on Kellogg's stock from ‘neutral’ to ‘outperform’, “This is not Kellogg’s first attempt to reach out to millennials. Previous steps include opening a cereal bar in New York and marketing Special K and Frosted Flakes as snack foods.”