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  1. Defining Near Vision Behaviour: A New Tool for...

    2M CPD in Australia | 1G in New Zealand | 30 April 2018

    By Tim Thurn     A new test gives optometrists the potential to personalise the positioning of the near vision zone based on how the wearer makes use of the lens. This article examines the innovative test; the experimental validation of... Read More

  2. Controlling Light: Transmission, Reflection and...

    2 CPD in Australia | 0.5G in New Zealand | 30 April 2018

    By Nicola Peaper     German abstract artist, Hans Hofmann said, “In nature light creates the colour. In the picture, colour creates the light.” As optometrists we have the power to control light transmission, reflection and... Read More

  3. Intraocular Lenses: A Practical Review for...

    2 CPD in Australia | 1G in New Zealand | 02 April 2018

    Dr. Jay Yohendran     There are so many intraocular lenses available today for your patients undergoing cataract surgery. Understanding the unique properties of each of these lenses will help you guide your patients in deciding which... Read More

  4. A Fresh Approach to Multifocal Intraocular Lenses

    2 CPD in Australia | 0.52G in New Zealand | 02 April 2018

    By Dr. Lewis Levitz    Published peer reviewed evidence-based research finds multifocal intraocular lenses provide good distance, intermediate and near vision with less dependence on spectacles. Success requires careful patient selection,... Read More

  5. Contact Lenses and Tear Film Stability

    2M CPD in Australia | 0.5G in New Zealand | 01 April 2018

    By Mark Koszek     Technological advances are reducing the incidence of end of day contact lens discomfort. Although these sophisticated contact lenses may cost your patients more than they’ve previously been prepared to pay,... Read More

  6. Neuroplasticity, Amblyopia and Emerging...

    2 CPD in Australia | 1CD in New Zealand | 01 March 2018

    By Dr. Brian Dornbos and Dr. Tuan Tran     In recent years, amblyopia treatment, beyond patching or strabismus surgery, has attracted the attention of both the medical and research communities. Advances in technology and scientific knowledge... Read More

  7. The Importance of the Periphery

    2 CPD in Australia | 1CD in New Zealand | 01 March 2018

    By  Dianne Pyliotis      Examining the peripheral retina is an important part of an optometric eye examination. It is critical for the detection and management of diabetic retinopathy, acute retinal pathologies, the progression... Read More

  8. Building Your Practice with New Technologies (6...

    2M CPD in Australia | 1.5G in New Zealand | 06 February 2018

    This CPD module by Aaron Lech (OD, FAAO) is a video presentation of a ZEISS CPD education event held in November 2017 in Sydney. Viewers will learn more about the latest ZEISS technologies and how they can benefit the practice’s level of clinical care... Read More

  9. CooperVision MyDay Toric Contact Lenses -...

    2M CPD in Australia | 0.5G CPD in New Zealand | 05 February 2018

    By Joe Tanner and Dr Steve Diamanti    This CPD module is a 4 part video presentation of a CooperVision education event held in August 2017 in Sydney. Read More

  10. Age-related Macular Degeneration: Essential...

    2 CPD in Australia | 0.5CD in New Zealand | 01 February 2018

    By Dr. Smita Agarwal      Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of irreversible vision loss in the industrialised world.1-3 In 2014, the worldwide prevalence of AMD was estimated to be 8.7 per cent. It is... Read More

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