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  1. Multifocal Contact Lenses: Why? How? And Modern...

    2 CPD in Australia | TBA in New Zealand | 26 August 2016

    By Adele Jefferies    With any new technology there are early adopters, majority users and laggards. Where do you and your practice fall on the “innovation adoption life cycle” for multifocal contact lenses? Have you had success or... Read More

  2. Soft Contact Lens-Care Solutions: Navigating the...

    2 CPD in Australia | 0.5G in New Zealand | 26 August 2016

    By Dr. Debarun Dutta   Determining the most effective contact lens disinfection for individual patients will improve eye health and may improve wearer comfort. For those patients who are non-compliant with prescribed cleaning regimens, there are... Read More

  3. Digital Technologies: Impact on Posture

    2 CPD in Australia | 0.5G in New Zealand | 27 July 2016

    By Damien Paillé    New technologies and the use of digital media are undeniably changing the postural and behavioural patterns of users, however, there is still little data on the scientific characterisation of these new postural... Read More

  4. Cataract Surgery: A Practical Guide for...

    2 CPD in Australia |0.5CD 0.5G in New Zealand | 27 July 2016

    Dr. Jay Yohendran     Patients are increasingly knowledgeable about cataract surgery and their expectations for visual outcomes are on the rise... Read More

  5. Adherence and Persistence with anti-VEGF...

    2 CPD in Australia | 0.75 CD in New Zealand | 27 June 2016

    Dr. John Stokes and Clinical Associate Professor Andrew Chang        Optometrists play a key role in achieving effective treatment for patients with neovascular age related macular degeneration. Better visual acuity at... Read More

  6. Myopia Control with Contact Lenses in Practice

    2 CPD in Australia | 0.75G in New Zealand | 27 June 2016

    Kate Gifford      Taking a proactive approach to manage the progression of myopia will benefit the present and future eye health of your patients… but first you need to feel confident about the strategy you are taking. Read More

  7. Maximising Multifocals: Individualisation

    2 CPD in Australia | 0.75G in New Zealand | 24 May 2016

    Nicola Peaper    Changes in work habits and lifestyle necessitate clarity of intermediate and near vision. Fortunately, technological innovation means it is now possible to customise a lens design to suit individual requirements, even when a... Read More

  8. Daily Disposables: The Answer to Contact Lens...

    2 CPD in Australia | .75G in New Zealand | 24 May 2016

    Jennie Diec and Percy Lazon de la Jara.    Discomfort and dryness is the major cause of dissatisfaction and subsequent discontinuation from contact lens wear. What can you, as an optometrist, do to ensure a more successful patient experience? Read More

  9. Materials Matter in the Age of the Upgrade...

    2 CPD in Australia | .75G in New Zealand | 29 April 2016

    By David Stephensen with Dr. Daniel Hook.     This article highlights the evolution of contact lens materials and how new and recent materials and manufacturing processes enable optometrists to create and drive a constant contact lens... Read More

  10. Dry Eye Disease – Looking After the Ocular...

    2 CPD in Australia | .5CD & .5G in New Zealand | 29 April 2016

    Professor Mark Willcox.    Dry eye disease (DED) is commonly encountered, but often challenging to manage and frustrating for both the patient and physician. The condition is often difficult to identify due to the lack of consistent disease... Read More

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