Glaucoma SLT & MIGS: Moving ...

By Dr. David Lubeck    With access to selective light therapy – as a highly effective first line option for glaucoma treatment – as well... More

Intraocular Pressure...

By Jessie Huang and Dr. Barbara Zangerl    Obtaining the intraocular pressure measurements of patients with, or at risk of glaucoma, while in their... More

Magic in Layered Corneal...

By Dr. Anthony J Maloof    Layers of the cornea are now able to be separated and selectively replaced, resulting in a stronger eye that is less... More

CooperVision Silicone...

By Professor Deborah Sweeney and Dr Neil Doyle    This CPD module is a video presentation of a CooperVision education event held on the 16th of April 2018 ... More

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Mivision is committed to helping you keep up-to-date and continue to build your skills by presenting courses in clinical practice, therapeutics, practice management and new technologies. As such Mivision publishes up to three new CPD modules each month. These modules are published in Mivision ophthalmic journal and online.  

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