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  1. Helen Venturato

    mivision | 26 October 2012

    Helen Venturato is an optometrist and the Professional Services Manager at Essilor Australia. She has lectured throughout Australasia and Asia. This issue she writes on the properties of lens materials and treatments that contribute to the optical... Read More

  2. Murray O’Brien

    mivision | 26 October 2012

    Murray O’Brien writes the ADOA report on behalf of all ADOA State divisions. This issue he considers recent news of Dispensing Opticians in the UK having a tilt at doing refractions. Read More

  3. Dr. Con Moshegov

    mivision | 26 October 2012

    Dr. Con Moshegov trained in Sydney and spent two years undergoing an advanced Fellowship in cornea, external diseases and refractive surgery in the UK. He is the principal surgeon at Perfect Vision Laser Correction where he specialises in refractive and... Read More

  4. Dr. Timothy Nolan

      | 26 October 2012

    Dr. Timothy Nolan is a medical retina specialist who practises exclusively in the treatment of diseases involving the macular and retina. He writes in this issue of mivision on recent studies that show exciting breakthroughs in being able to improve vision... Read More

  5. Dr. Gary Orsborn

      | 26 October 2012

    Dr. Gary Orsborn – a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry, the British Contact Lens Association, the American Optometric Association and the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology – is also the Director of Medical Affairs at... Read More

  6. Dr. Srini Venkatseh

    mivision | 26 October 2012

    Dr. Srini Venkatseh, the Vice President and General Manager of Bausch + Lomb, is extensively published and has several patents in the area of formulation development. With Dr. Orsborn (above), he is the co-author of our CPD article on contact lens... Read More

  7. Dr. Emma Gillies

    mivision | 26 October 2012

    Dr. Emma Gillies has taught contact lens studies at Sydney and Glasgow Universities and worked in private practice for 13 years. She is currently the professional affairs manager for Johnson and Johnson Vision Care. In this issue her CPD article reviews key... Read More

  8. Paul Graham

    mivision | 26 October 2012

    Paul Graham is an optometrist in private practice on the Gold Coast where he focusses on vision training, paediatric vision care, orthokeratology and contact lenses. He is an ACBO fellow and is actively involved in continuing education relating to functional... Read More

  9. Cameron Hawke

    mivision | 13 November 2012

    Cameron Hawke has worked across a number of roles in the optical sector with OPSM, National Pharmacies Optical and more recently Carl Zeiss. He is currently the Division Manager for Vision Care at Carl Zeiss. In this issue he writes on optomising lens... Read More

  10. Collette Kinsella

    mivision | 30 November 2012

    Collette Kinsella is the owner of the business consultancy Takestock. She has worked in sales and marketing since the early 1990s and in a variety of businesses across the pharmaceutical and optical industries in Australia and the United States. Read More

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