BenQ Eye-care competition

Entries Close: August 31, 2014
Demands on our eyes today is far greater than in previous generations.

BenQ’s full range of Eye-care monitors are designed for healthier time spent in front of the computer.  BenQ’s technology eliminates flicker and minimises blue light exposure.  BenQ’s monitors have four preset low blue light modes (Multimedia, Websurfing, Office and Reading Mode).

To qualify for the draw and enter the competition just answer one simple question found in the BenQ video (Watch video clip here).

Question: What is the percentage reduction of Blue Light Exposure when the BenQ monitor is in reading mode?

(Hint: Answer can be found at 1 minute 25 second in the video clip)

Win the Ultimate Aloha Pack valued at over $2000

Entries Close: August 31, 2014

To qualify to enter the draw to win a Maui Jim "Ultimate Aloha Package" worth over $2000 (2 pairs of Maui Jim Plano or Script + Maui Jim Apparel), answer one simple Question: What is the new maui Jim slogan?

(HINT: Answer can be found at the end of the Maui Jim 78 second video commercial below)

(Entries close at 11.59 PM on 31 August 2014)