Company Profiles

  1. EyeQ: Changing the Face of Optometry Franchising

    Melanie Kell | 28 September 2016

    When EyeQ Optometrists introduced its Franchise Associate model to what had been a traditional corporate structure, it challenged the notion of typical, retail-led optometry offerings and provided a welcome point of difference for clinically-focused... Read More

  2. Made By ZEISS: Brand Heritage of Over 160 Years.

    mivision | 13 June 2014

     Did you know? ZEISS launched the world’s first planetarium in 1923 on the roof of a ZEISS factory in Germany. Today, more than 80 million people a year worldwide visit a planetarium with ZEISS optics. ZEISS is a regular customer at the patent... Read More

  3. 10 Years of Professional Education: Varilux...

    Kylie Evans | 01 May 2009

    Nearly 50 years ago a product was invented that's changed how people see, improved their quality of life, and even increased their lifespan. Progressive Addition Lenses (PALs) provide an advanced vision correction option, avoiding the sharp changes of focus... Read More

  4. Lenspro: The Benefits of Independent Practice and ...

    mivision | 01 April 2009

    Founded in Queensland in 2004, Australian- owned LensPro was founded by Peter Varley and Peter Haggitt, and is run by Australians who reside in Australia. With a frm understanding of the Australian optical market, LensPro's sole focus is expanding and... Read More

  5. Eyecare Plus: Through The Storm

    Michael Jacobs, CEO Eyecare Plus | 01 March 2009

    Amid the negativity of the economic downturn, there are stories of success and optimism. Optometry should be one of these. The economic storm clouds that have been gathering since the global credit crisis began appear to have formed a ‘perfect storm' of ... Read More

  6. Secure Your Future in Optometry With Luxottica

      | 01 October 2008

    Luxottica has developed two franchise models giving optometrists an opportunity to build their business and take advantage of Luxottica's extensive business support infrastructure. When Luxottica announced franchising opportunities across the brand networks... Read More