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Andrew Hogan Appointed OA National President

mivision | 30 January 2017
Andrew Hogan, well known optometrist, presenter, sports commentator and Batman aficionado was recently elected as President of Optometry Australia (OA). At a time when optometry in general and OA in particular face many challenges it is expected that Mr. Hogan’s unique skill set will stand him in good stead to guide the profession though the coming years.

He has taken the reigns from Kate Gifford who has done a sterling job as President over the past two years, having faced some significant challenges on the way.

Mr. Hogan shared his thoughts on the presidency with mivision saying, “Becoming National President is not something I ever set out to do, but in some ways it seems like a natural evolution of my work for the Association. For most of my career I’ve been happy to put up my hand and take on roles within the organisation. I’m most proud of my work with the Tasmanian Lifestyle Conference (TLC), building it up from a small half-day seminar to a really well received congress.

“I always considered sitting on the national board to be a real honour, and I’m looking forward to being President.”

Mr. Hogan continued, “optometry is a really interesting profession, and it can take you lots of different places if you allow it to. Saying yes when I was asked to do optometry talkback on ABC Local Radio led to roles in radio sport, and ultimately to presenting the Nerdzilla show which is now one of ABC radio’s most downloaded podcasts. I’ve worked for professional sporting teams and the Tasmanian Institute of Sport, which is very different to what we usually do in the consulting room.”

He said although working on Boards for organisations such as OA could be challenging and time consuming, “it was incredibly rewarding and satisfying.

“In my career, achieving therapeutics in Tasmania is still one of the absolute highlights that completely changed the way we practice.

“I’ve always found other optometrists who made their mark with the Association to be so inspiring. I am a keen student of the history of the profession and I think there are so many things we can learn from the past.

“A great leader once said, ‘Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing’. To me, this means that when opportunities arise, both professionally and privately, you have to grab them with both hands. We can’t always control what happens but we can decide how we respond.

“I want to build on the work of previous optometry leaders and continue to position OA as the key voice for optometry and the eye care industry. I want optometry to broaden its influence in eye care and primary health care in Australia in general. I want to build alliances with all the other organisations and key stakeholders, because what benefits one part of the industry almost always benefits the rest.”


' I’ve always found other optometrists who made their mark with the Association to be so inspiring '