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ACUVUE VITA Launched in Sydney

Mivision | 28 March 2017
An intimate ACUVUE VITA launch took place at Sydney’s Hard Rock Café, Darling Harbour on 21 February.

The theme was Millennials – Maximising their Contact Lens experience in your Practice.

Dr Emma Gillies, Professional Affairs Manager ANZ, in her engaging delivery, presented delegates with details of the new Acuvue VITA lens, which includes HydraMax Technology. Launched in mid-2016 in the USA the VITA lens represents the first time Johnson & Johnson Vision Care have entered the 30-day daily wear contact lens market.

Although the company continues to promote a ‘shorter is better’ philosophy, they recognise that monthly lenses still represent a significant proportion of the contact lens market. Their research has shown that more than two-thirds of monthly wearing respondents experienced comfort related issues with their lenses at some time during the month. Of these patients, 84 per cent use things such as re-wetting drops or take breaks from contact lens wear. In those experiencing comfort related issues, 73 per cent reported that they did not plan to tell their practitioner about their lens wearing experience.

Dr Gillies used millennials, with their attitudes and high use of digital devices as examples of the things we need to consider. Delegates were encouraged in a ‘chemistry session’, to build a polymer structure. This involved  utilising interlocking coloured beads – to explain the benefits of the specialised forms of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) that is part of the ‘secret formula’ in the senofilcon C polymer with HydraMax technology. It should also be remembered that VITA offers the best UV protection in the monthly category.