Google Glass Would Embarrass Me ...

Despite having partnered with Google to bring its Glass technology to frames like Ray-ban and Oakley, the founder and chairman of Luxottica has said he would be embarrassed to wear Google Glass. In... More

2TCPD Points: Managing Dry Eye...

Spring, flowers blowing in the breeze,Leaves greening on the trees,Consulting rooms filling with ocular surface disease... Poetry aside, the ocular surface is a complex network of interdependent... More

$3.5m Optrex Campaign to...

Optrex Actimist has kicked off a huge AU$3.5 million consumer advertising campaign to promote the importance of eye care during the spring allergy season. The campaign, which runs across various... More

2CPD Points: Soft Contact...

How a contact lens handles is rarely the first consideration when choosing which lens to prescribe but may be more important to patients than practitioners expect. When thinking of the perceived... More


CrizalUV Mass Advertising Consumer Campaign

  A massive AU$1.5 million campaign has been launched by Essilor to promote CrizalUV Cancer Council lenses and direct consumers to their nearest optometrist. The campaign includes television advertorials...   Read More


Hoya Re-opens in South Australia

Hoya will re-open its South Australia branch in North Plympton, Adelaide with a contracted fitting laboratory on site as well as a full customer service team. With its proximity to Hoya state-of-the-art Rx lab ...   Read More


Advancing Cataract Surgery

By combining state-of-the-art technology with human expertise, surgeons continue to improve efficiencies and patient outcomes from cataract surgery. Changing demographics and improved access to health care...   Read More