mivision Issue 105, Sep 2015

Professor Brien Holden has been described as “the most influential optometrist of our generation”. Dr. Tony Adams, Professor Emeritus of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of... More

Professor Brien Holden

Professor Brien Holden was a giant within the global eye health community, his contributions extended across research, education, public health and social enterprise. Professor Holden was born on 6... More

Luxottica Cuts 21 Staff,...

Luxottica Australia and New Zealand has made significant structural changes the company believes will enable it to “remain relevant” in the current competitive market.mivision spoke to... More

New Beginnings The Time is...

Alan Saks is well respected and known to optometrists in Australia from his regular speaking engagements at conferences around the country and in New Zealand for his ‘In Contact’ column.... More

CPD Modules Available

2TCPD Pts: Allergic Eye Disease

Allergic eye disease is a localised response, often, but not always associated with rhinitis (a nasal allergic response). There is a spectrum of disease that varies with the affected population and is mostly...   Read More

CPD Modules Available

2CPD Pts: Innovating for Multifocal Fitting Success

Article by:  Kurt Moody, Sheila Hickson-Curran, Ben Wooley and David RustonThe technical features and clinical performance of a new multifocal contact lens gives eye care practitioners the ability to meet ...   Read More


Refractive Surgery: Articles Review

The following articles explore: comparisons between corneal laser techniques, combining techniques to improve safety and patient outcomes plus factors contributing to dry eye and ocular discomfort following...   Read More