mivision Issue 96, Nov 2014

This issue we’re all about upskilling... In the second instalment of Margaret Lam’s discussion on the contact lens market she presents recommendations she has gathered from the... More

Luke Skywalker, Yoda, the Dark...

In the October issue of mivision, optometrist Margaret Lam described corporate optometry’s increasing hold over Australia’s contact lens landscape.Likening the contact lens market to the... More

2CPD Pts: Women and Children...

There is a broad range of gender-specific health issues that predispose women to eye disease. It is no surprise that more than two thirds of blind and visually impaired people in the world are... More

Get on the Team Preventing...

Diabetes is a complex metabolic disease that changes the body’s chemistry and can lead to devastating effects on a number of fronts: heart, bladder, kidneys, feet, skin and – of course... More


Revo Eyewear Reaching for the Stars

The US space program and space travel has changed almost every aspect of the world around us – from LED lights to vehicle tracking devices and surgical implants. Surprising to some may be the fact that...   Read More

CPD Modules Available

2CPD Pts: A Contemporary Approach to Dry Eye

Dry eye has become recognised as the most common ocular dysfunction presenting to the primary eye care practitioner (ECP).1 According to population-based studies, dry eye is a problem for around one-third of...   Read More


A Window into the Brain and Body

The eye is a unique window into the brain and body that provides vital insights we can use to better understand and treat disease. Saccadic eye movements – fast movements of the eye – are an...   Read More