TGA Warns: Bright Eyes Eye...

Health professionals should advise any consumers using Bright Eyes eye drop products to discontinue use and take any remaining product to a pharmacy for safe disposal, according to a statement by... More

Taking the Macular Disease...

When Julie Heraghty took up the role of CEO of the Macular Disease Foundation Australia in 2004, little did she know she was about to influence the way the world would approach macular degeneration,... More

2CPD Points: Clinical...

Ultra-widefield (UWF) retinal imaging represents the evolution of a technology first invented to view the retina back in 1850. Today’s highly sophisticated system offers multimodal UWF imaging, ... More

Refractive Surprise (Not)

Well into his ophthalmic journey of retinopexy, cryopexy, vitrectomy and IOL surgery,  Professor Nathan Efron's pauses to undertake a forensic examination of his clinical records to identify the ... More


Glaucoma: Informing the Way Forward

World Glaucoma Week is 8-14 March 2015. This issue our ophthalmology editorial team reviews research underway to better understand glaucoma with the aim of reducing blindness and improving quality of life for...   Read More


Specsavers Continue Strong Growth

Specsavers has reported continued strong growth in annual sales, with Australian sales for 2014/15 totalling AU$708 million up 12.4 per cent from $630 million in 2013/14. Annual sales from Specsavers...   Read More


Taking Leaders to the Next Level

Rachael Pickworth is extremely passionate about leaders in business aligning their work to their passions, being highly engaged and using their position to inspire and engage others to bring out their best....   Read More