mivision Issue 106, Oct 2015

Being Deaf is not an issue for Edan Chapman, however losing his sight is a major challenge. This issue, in the first of a two-part story, Edan gives readers an insight into the rare genetic disease... More

2CPD Pts: Proactive Prescribing ...

When it comes to contact lens prescribing, in order to keep up-to-date with ever evolving technology, practitioners need to constantly review their prescribing strategy. There’s a need to find... More

2CPD Pts: Optimal Outcomes in...

The relationship between optometrist and patient often spans many years or even decades. Despite the established history, when a patient develops cataract and requires referral to an ophthalmologist, ... More

Understanding Myopic Tractional ...

Causes, signs, symptoms, treatment options and vision threatening complications of myopic tractional maculopathy. Myopic traction maculopathy, also known as myopic foveoschisis, is a schisis-like... More


The Life of Brien

Third generation optometrist Alan Saks presents his perspective on the world of vision and meanderings from around the planet. The end of July was a sad time for all with the passing of the larger-than-life...   Read More


Living with Ushers

Edan Chapman was born with the rare genetic disorder known as Usher syndrome. He is – and always has been – profoundly Deaf. Now he is going slowly blind from retinitis pigmentosa. This is part one ...   Read More


Frame Fashion for the 21st Century Adult

Adults in the 21st Century are educated, affluent and ever-growing in buying power. They are in touch with the fashion trends and interested in new technology. They look for value but they’re prepared to ...   Read More