mivision Issue 116, September...

Emerging from the cooler, darker months of the year, it’s easy to get excited about spending time outside… walking, picnics, boating, hanging out time at the beach… just the... More

Government Injects $1.277...

In a move welcomed by Australian health and medical researchers, the Australian Federal Government has transferred AU$1.277 billion to the Medical Research Future Fund Special Account. An initial $61 ... More

Multifocal Contact Lenses: Why? ...

By Adele Jefferies    With any new technology there are early adopters, majority users and laggards. Where do you and your practice fall on the “innovation adoption life... More

Soft Contact Lens-Care...

By Dr. Debarun Dutta   Determining the most effective contact lens disinfection for individual patients will improve eye health and may improve wearer comfort. For those patients who are... More


LASIK: Why Doing Better is Important

It was not so long ago that we performed conventional laser treatments that sadly produced good visual acuity, but were diminished by a visual result that was often poorer in other ways. LASIK should aim to...   Read More


neubau: capturing the zeitgeist

Walk through the streets of Neubau district in Vienna, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by everything that’s creative, contemporary and fashionable: from cosy cafés to buzzing...   Read More


Rxable Sunglass Programs: Put a Spring in your Sales

Spring, beautiful spring. The season we all look forward to following the crazy winter chill. Time to pack away the winter woollies and get outside. To let the sun’s rays warm you through, to jump on the ...   Read More