Prescribe the Lens to the...

These days it is easy to fall into the trap of fitting the patient to the contact lens, rather than fitting the contact lens to the patient writes Jessica Chi. We are lucky to be practising optometry ... More

Glaucoma in Australian...

By Michael Yapp and Dr.Barbara Zangerl.  Almost every article published on glaucoma starts with a similar two sentences defining glaucoma as an optic neuropathy, characterised by progressive... More

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It’s All About You… Nup!

There’s no doubt about it, once you start discounting stock on a regular basis, you’re on a slippery ride to the bottom – so how can you turn things around, stop your practice from becoming...   Read More


Optom Numbers Continue to Grow

IBISWorld predicts the optometry industry in Australia will contract by 3.1 per cent this year,1 and a research paper published in Clinical and Experimental Optometry in 2015 warns that 2016 will be a turning...   Read More