mivision Issue 100, Apr 2015

This month has been a milestone for mivision. As we prepared to publish our 100th issue, we stopped numerous times to reflect on the profession we are privileged to work alongside. A profession made... More

2CPD Pts: Corneal Dystrophies...

You are doing a contact lens fit. The cornea looks clear but you pop in some fluorescein to get a better picture of any dryness staining and see some black irregular lines with fluorescein pooling... More

2CPD Pts: Anterior segment...

Modern imaging technology allows an unprecedented ability to demonstrate pathology to facilitate diagnosis and treatment planning, and to use this to explain conditions to patients. It also enables... More

2CPD Pts: Laser Assisted...

Laser assisted cataract surgery is a disruptive technology – but is it the way forward? To its proponents, femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery (LACS) is said to be the future of... More


mivision: The Story behind the Brand behind the Story

As the 100th issue of mivision lands in practices around Australia and New Zealand, we reflect on the evolution of one idea. When co-publisher and business partner Todd Tai and I first discussed the idea of...   Read More


Patient Co-management in the 21st Century

A patient’s ocular health can provide important indicators about their general health just as their general health can have ramifications on their vision and eyes.It makes perfect sense then, for...   Read More


AVC 2015: Working on the Future of Eye Health

Optometrists from around the country were drawn to the warmth of the Gold Coast over the weekend  of 10 – 12 April for the annual Australian Vision Conference. About 500 delegates packed into...   Read More