Ozurdex PBS Listed for Diabetic ...

Ozurdex (dexamethasone 700mcg), a new, sustained-release eye implant, has been listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). The treatment is indicated for patients with visual impairment due... More

The Year that Was and the Year...

It’s been a massive year for eye health with new technologies taking vision care to greater heights, changes in optometry practice ownership, shifts in scope of practice and new optical shows.... More

The Genomic Medicine Revolution

The ability to accurately diagnose genetic ophthalmic conditions is critical to facilitating effective counselling, disease treatment and management. The genomic medicine revolution is providing... More

Contact Lens Fitting Post-ICRS

Intrastromal corneal ring segments technology has improved significantly in recent years, but should still be considered only after all options for contact lenses have been exhausted. AM, a 48- year... More


Mivision Editor Hands Reins Over to Alan Saks

After founding mivision with business partner Todd Tai more than a decade ago, editor Mark Cushway will finish work mid-December for long-term health reasons and hand over the reins to leading optometry...   Read More


Severe Dry Eye: Preparing for Inundation

Thought you were already inundated with patients seeking solutions for dry eye? Hold on to your hats – an ad campaign featuring actress Jennifer Aniston front and centre, talking about her experience...   Read More


Police on Target for the Future

The Italian lifestyle brand Police is synonymous with daring, metropolitan street style. Thirty-three years young, this bold and defiant brand is remains a family owned brand and its sunglasses and spectacles...   Read More