Reinstated Collaborative Care...

Geoff Pollard, CEO of Glaucoma Australia has welcomed the reinstatement of collaborative care arrangements between ophthalmologists and optometrists for patients with glaucoma following an agreement... More

Caring for Kid's Eyes

Each year it is estimated that up to 5.7 million children worldwide suffer an eye injury.1 While many of these injuries are minor and the child makes a full recovery, vision loss or blindness occurs... More

Dr. Andrew Anderson: A Musical...

The benefits associated with playing a musical instrument are many and varied. They are often emphasised by schools and music teachers eager to engage students … improved organisational... More

Bevordex Study into Treatment...

First year results from the Bevordex study into treatment options for diabetic macular oedema (DMO) have been released as the second year of the study comes to its conclusion. The study was a... More


mivision Issue 97, Dec 2014

What better time of year than December to focus on kids. That’s what we’ve done this issue. It’s all about kids and how we can better care for them. Our lead story, written by consulting...   Read More


Device Technologies Expands

Device Technologies’ new state-of-the-art facility in Belrose, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, will enable ophthalmologists and optometrists to experience the latest technologies in situ within a...   Read More


Hip Frames for Cool Kids

Glasses – whether optical or sun – offer children significant developmental advantages.Children who require vision correction will benefit both in their educational and social development by...   Read More