A Global Pathway to Child Eye...

It is widely recognised that in developing countries, children with vision impairment have fewer education opportunities. Perhaps less well known is the startling fact that a large proportion of... More

Global Myopia Institute...

The world’s first global institute to tackle the emerging epidemic of myopia will be based in Australia and involve a consortium of the world’s leading scientists and researchers. The... More

Bono and Revo join BHVI to...

Eyewear brand Revo, U2 lead singer Bono and the Brien Holden Vision Institute have announced a partnership to help prevent vision impairment and blindness in more than five million people by 2020.... More

2CPD Pts: The Multifocal...

Presbyopia is an epidemic that affects the majority of people beyond 43 years of age.1 This insidious condition slowly robs the visual system of the function of accommodation,1 thus rendering the... More


Saving Sight, Changing Lives

In collaboration with other global giants of the eye health community, Professor Brien Holden invested in research, development and education that could one day see the elimination of avoidable vision loss and ...   Read More


Professor Brien Holden has Passed Away

Global leader in eye care and vision research, internationally renowned and awarded scientist and humanitarian, Professor Brien Holden OAM, CEO of Brien Holden Vision Institute, a Professor at the School of...   Read More

CPD Modules Available

2CPD Pts: Prevalence and Pathologies of High Myopia

As the global prevalence of myopia and high myopia continues to rise, optometrists and ophthalmologists should consider a multi-faceted approach to myopia control that combines behavioural, optical and...   Read More