Google Glass Would Embarrass Me ...

Despite having partnered with Google to bring its Glass technology to frames like Ray-ban and Oakley, the founder and chairman of Luxottica has said he would be embarrassed to wear Google Glass. In... More

2TCPD Points: Managing Dry Eye...

Spring, flowers blowing in the breeze,Leaves greening on the trees,Consulting rooms filling with ocular surface disease... Poetry aside, the ocular surface is a complex network of interdependent... More

$3.5m Optrex Campaign to...

Optrex Actimist has kicked off a huge AU$3.5 million consumer advertising campaign to promote the importance of eye care during the spring allergy season. The campaign, which runs across various... More

Building Sustainable Eyecare...

Social entrepreneurship may be a solution to building and sustaining health care services in developing communities Poverty and health care in developing communities sometimes seems unmanageable and... More


CrizalUV Mass Advertising Consumer Campaign

  A massive AU$1.5 million campaign has been launched by Essilor to promote CrizalUV Cancer Council lenses and direct consumers to their nearest optometrist. The campaign includes television advertorials...   Read More


Hoya Re-opens in South Australia

Hoya will re-open its South Australia branch in North Plympton, Adelaide with a contracted fitting laboratory on site as well as a full customer service team. With its proximity to Hoya state-of-the-art Rx lab ...   Read More


Advancing Cataract Surgery

By combining state-of-the-art technology with human expertise, surgeons continue to improve efficiencies and patient outcomes from cataract surgery. Changing demographics and improved access to health care...   Read More