American Academy Award...

Professor Brien Holden, Dr. Laura Downie and Dr. Gentle have been honoured for their outstanding achievements by the American Academy of Optometry at Academy 2014 in Denver USA. The awards were... More

Luke Skywalker, Yoda, the Dark...

In the October issue of mivision, optometrist Margaret Lam described corporate optometry’s increasing hold over Australia’s contact lens landscape.Likening the contact lens market to the... More

RANZCO’s Young Fellows Managing ...

The lifecycle of an ophthalmologist starts late and can end relatively early. By the time of achieving fellowship, ophthalmologists are usually in their early 30s, and have spent most of their life... More

Revo Eyewear Reaching for the...

The US space program and space travel has changed almost every aspect of the world around us – from LED lights to vehicle tracking devices and surgical implants. Surprising to some may be the... More

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2T CPD Pts: Current Approach to Dry Eye

Dry eye has become recognised as the most common ocular dysfunction presenting to the primary eye care practitioner (ECP).1 According to population-based studies, dry eye is a problem for around one-third of...   Read More

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2T CPD Pts: Ocular Redness

In this article, we will walk through the various structures of the anterior eye with reference to what inciting factors and ensuing signs can result. The conditions described here are not all encompassing,...   Read More

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2T CPD Pts: Dry Eye and Allergic Conjunctivitis

Spring, flowers blowing in the breeze,Leaves greening on the trees,Consulting rooms filling with ocular surface disease... Poetry aside, the ocular surface is a complex network of interdependent functional...   Read More