Maximising OCT Benefit A Survey

Results from a recent Australian survey has identified that patient care might be improved – simply because optometrists are not taking the opportunity to get the most from their OCT. The way... More

Cataract Surgery: Optimising...

This month we review new models to measure patient outcomes, the value of surgical experience and new technologies that will to enhance the process of cataract surgery. Over three years, data on... More

The Great Australian Design...

In the global marketplace, where luxury brands can be picked up online or in-store for a song, sophisticated consumers are searching for more. A frame that defines their personality, that adds a... More

2CPD Points: Dry Eye Disease...

The search for the panacea in dry eye treatment proceeds in an unrelenting manner. This is because dry eye disease in some clinical settings is present in well over 50 per cent of the patient... More


Indigenous Art Frames Eye Health

A painting from an Indigenous artist, Langliki, has been transferred onto the arms of optical frames in a fundraising campaign initiated by Specsavers. Proceeds from each of the frames sold will be donated to...   Read More


Uniform Clinical Approach to Treating Dry Eye

The trauma suffered by people with dry eye, in particular extreme dry eye, is unbearable. These people require Australian optometrists to follow a uniform approach to diagnosing, testing for and treating dry...   Read More


Water Gradient Contact Lenses

Dr. Gregory W. DeNaeyer from the United States recently stated, “Wouldn’t it be great if we had a lens with the benefits of both hydrogel and silicone hydrogel materials?”1 Now researchers in ...   Read More